Create your own Custom Email Address with Zoho Mail

In one of my previous articles, I provided instructions on how to set-up an email address using a custom domain with So instead of providing your business email as, you would instead provide it as The latter option provides a more “business-professional” image of you and your business. Since the time I […]

Portable Email Clients for USB Drives makes Sending Email Safe and Mobile

If you like my article Posting Tweets and Facebook Updates via Email secretly is fun, you may realize there’s a hitch to all of this. It’s only possible to post to Facebook and Twitter if you have access to Webmail i.e. going to Google, Yahoo or other Email client to access and read your Email. […]

How to send and receive email via SMS from your LIME or Digicel Feature phone

This article’s a shot across the bow at Telecom Provider and their services folks, just based on the title alone. This is definitely aimed at those users of either Telecom Network who from time to time and need to send or receive a quick email from your feature phone. Yep, you read that right: feature […]

How to Use your custom Domain Name with

Normally when you sign up for an online email service such as or, your email address points to the domain name of the email provider. So if you sign up for a Gmail email account your email address is displayed as, or whatever the domain is of your email provider. Normally this […]

Spam Explained and Prevention Tips

Spam is any unwanted or unsolicited message sent through an electronic messaging system. Spam may be in the form of email messages, cellphone text messages, instant messages, blog posts, wiki entries or any other way of electronically transferring or transmitting a message. Spamming is a problem that costs internet users and companies billions of dollars […]