Portable Email Clients for USB Drives makes Sending Email Safe and Mobile

If you like my article Posting Tweets and Facebook Updates via Email secretly is fun, you may realize there’s a hitch to all of this. It’s only possible to post to Facebook and Twitter if you have access to Webmail i.e. going to Google, Yahoo or other Email client to access and read your Email. […]

How to reset the default Search Engine in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox’s become my fave Web Browser ever since I’ve bespoken of the coming demise of the Computer and Laptop at the hands of Tablets in the article How the Apple iPad killed Ultrabooks, Printing and the Mouse as the World Rediscovers Tablets. This as despite PC’s and Laptop’s coming demise, for the many who […]

Chrome overtakes Firefox to Become World’s 2nd most Popular Browser

Web analytics firm StatCounter is reporting that as of Novermber 2011 Google Chrome has overtaken Mozilla Firefox to become the second most popular web browser worldwide behind Internet Explorer. Chrome has for months now been the only major browser experiencing growth as more and more users get attracted by it’s speed and features such as easily syncing bookmarks and separating each open […]