Digicel renews A2P SMS revenue partnership with Anam for five years

October 24, 2017; Dublin, Ireland. Digicel has extended its A2P SMS partnership with Anam for a further five years to run to 2023. The partnership with Anam enables Digicel to secure its international traffic channels against SMS fraud and Spam. The new deal, announced in Montego Bay, Jamaica last week, extends the current arrangement due […]

How to send and receive email via SMS from your LIME or Digicel Feature phone

This article’s a shot across the bow at Telecom Provider and their services folks, just based on the title alone. This is definitely aimed at those users of either Telecom Network who from time to time and need to send or receive a quick email from your feature phone. Yep, you read that right: feature […]

How to activate Digicel VIP Text and get Free Texting on Digicel or LIME phone as IM gets more popular

By now you must be aware that Texting is dying globally. If you aren’t, that means most likely you’re one of those people STILL using a feature phone to send SMS (Short Messaging Services) or Text Messages even as IM (Instant Messaging) is on the rise globally according to analyst Informa. Worse, you don’t have […]