What is Geezam.com and its purpose

Geezam.com is a Caribbean based technology blog focusing on internet news and happenings – video game reviews and announcements – Gadget showcasing, and a whole lot more on a regional stage and globally. Geezam.com was started in December 2009 by Kelroy Brown and since then has grown and continues to grow into an authority on technology related topics in the region.

Geezam.com is a first and foremost a team blog where different authors of varying social and economic backgrounds with different skills and interests share news, articles, opinions and experiences related to tech, how it affects them personally, the Caribbean region and the world as a whole.

Geezam.com’s purpose is to help to develop the Caribbean region into an important participant in the global technology ecosystem as it related to everything from mobile apps, technology startups, social media, content creation to renewable energy, job creation and economic development. We truly believe that information and communications technology (ICT) is a vital component and vehicle for regional development and integration so that the Caribbean region can truly compete on a global stage.

  • Highlight and/or reviews gadget,  web services and video games
  • Announce and cover technology and development events
  • Provide images, video and audio to complement articles
  • Offer tips, advice and assistance that will demystify and help readers decide which products and services to use

Thank you for visiting Geezam.com and we look forward to future visits and your support. Feel free to share our url with your friends, family and colleagues worldwide. We are always on the lookout for new authors, contrinutors and guest posts so if you wish to help with the growth of Geezam.com take a look at our Write For Us page.

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