Posting Tweets and Facebook Updates via email secretly is fun

Have you ever wondered how to do that? Anonymously tweet or post to FB from a regular cellphone? You can actually do this, despite not having a smartphone as all the Social Networks are made to be backwards compatible with the great exalted email.

After all, were it not for email, many a FB account and tweeter wouldn’t be born, as email accounts are the source of all of your initial friends when you had signed up. It’s still the gold standard for all Social Networks. Plus most Feature phones can send email as explained in How to send and receive email via SMS from your LIME or Digicel Feature phone.


This’ll be the shortest DIY (Do it yourself) article in history for me as far as I’m concerned. Once you’ve read my article How to send and receive email via SMS from your LIME or Digicel Feature phone on how to send email from either Digicel or LIME phones (LIME’s setup is a tad silly but totally understandable!) then the procedures are pretty straightforward.

If you do have a smartphone but you want to send FB and Tweets anonymously in class without being caught this tip is great for you. By now you must, as the Digicel DL600 as described in Kelroy’s article Digicel to launch Affordable Android-powered 4G Smartphone in May is out and about, so go and reserve one today! This tip is also useful if you happen to be in the Library, let’s say the St. Andrew Parish Library on Tom Redcam Drive and you can’t go to FB or Twitter!


Truly a tip for all seasons! First you have to locate the email address for you FB account of Twitter Account:

For FB Updates:

  1. Click at the top right of any Facebook page

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click the Mobile tab on the left side of the screen

  4. You’ll see you FB email address listed towards the bottom of your mobile information

For Twitter you’ll have to get a Twittermail Account to create a unique email account for Twitter, as Twitter currently has not built-in options to enable Tweeting via email. The steps are as follows:

  1. Log into your Twitter account on your computer

  2. Open a second browser page and Visit the Twitttermail homepage

  3. Click Add Yourself. It’s Free button

  4. Click Allow button in the pop-up window that appears, asking you to allow the service access to your Twitter account.

  5. Enter your email address and customize your general TwitterCounter settings to your liking under the General tab.

  6. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom to save your settings.

  7. Click the TwitterMail Tab. The TwitterMail system generates a unique email address for tweeting

  8. Copy and paste this into your email address book as-is

  9. Alternately you can create your own custom email address by deleting and typing your own in the same space

  10. Enter your Twitter password if you’d like to post any image attachments in your emails

  11. Customize TwitterMail settings to your preferences

  12. Select from the drop-down menu in the appropriate field if you’d like your tweet to contain the message of your email, its subject line or both.

  13. Click the Save Settings button at the bottom when you’re done.

  14. Compose a new email in your phone according to your settings

  15. Attach images to your email that you’d like to post with your tweet.

  16. Send your email

That’s the wrap folks! FB and Twitter’ll never be the same again, as you can now do so “unda de quiet”! Nuff love and stay connected to the Social Networks even when they don’t want you to use your phone in the Research Library!

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