9 Stories from 2013 that show the rising power of Social Media in Jamaica

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and other social media websites are some of the most popular and most visited/used websites by Jamaicans. With more and more Jamaicans getting access to the internet especially via mobile phones, social media sites are a frequent buzz with local happenings. Below are some of the top stories from 2013 that  show the rising power of Social Media in Jamaica.


F – Word Mayor 

Who can forget Her Worship The Mayor of Kingston Councillor Angela Brown Burke’s controversial “What The F…” tweet that started a Twitter storm that spilled over into newspapers, editorials, radio and television shows. She officially claimed that her “F” was misconstrued and was the first letter in a completely different word.

Shape like Jamaican Economy 

When Jenaae Jackson copped the Best Figure award at the Miss Jamaica World 2013 pageant many took to Twitter to “express” their thoughts. Dr Dayton Campbell, the member of parliament for North West St Ann also chimed in by tweeting “bout best shape, she shape like the Jamaican economy”. A red-faced Dr Campbell quickly apologized but the question hasn’t been answered; how does the Jamaica economy shape?

Tutty Gran

Jamaicans at home collectively cringed then fell in love with Rosie. Expressing the problems she and her family were facing on national television after their home was was flooded during torrential rains. Her interview was remixed by DJ Powa and a star in the vein of Cliftwang was born. A whirlwind of publicity followed resulting in media interviews, commercials and even an appearance on Sumfest followed for Rosie. I wonder what Rosie is up to these days?

All Angles –  Skin Bleaching In Jamaica

Skin beaching in Jamaica has reached a level where doctors are warning that a skin cancer epidemic will be upon us any day now. Current Affairs program “All Angles” explored the skin bleaching culture in the inner cities of Jamaica and sought the input of actual skin bleachers. The resulting show set social media on fire, I hope the All Angles team continues to produce programs on such thought-provoking topics in 2014.

Digicel’s Alleged shady social media tactics

Digicel prides itself on being the bigger, better network and customers in Jamaica and in their other markets are encouraged to expect more and get more. Internet marketing guru Sandor Panton analyzed Digicel Jamaica’s Facebook page after they celebrated their 500,000 likes milestone. Red flags were raised when it was discovered that the page received 40,000 Indian fans in just 3 days. Social Networks will continue to be a battleground this year for Jamaican companies and it doesn’t take a social media guru to say that something is fishy about that massive influx on Indian fans in such a short period time. Only Digicel’s social media team knows the real truth.

Roger Clark was having “fun”

A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Roger Clarke was snapped in a compromising position at a political meeting at a high school in Portland and soon Facebook and Twitter erupted as the picture spread like wildfire. Creative sharers soon added their own spin on the picture and animators remixed the still into videos and soon a daggering meme was forged.

TVJ hijacks The Voice

Before 2013 most Jamaicans had no idea the talent show named “The Voice” which was starting its 5th season on American network NBC even existed. Then Jamaican songbird Tessanne Chin made an appearance as a contestant and it soon exploded. So one night the whole Jamaica sat in front of their televisions tuned into NBC to watch and support Tessanne only to see a notice that TVJ had acquired the rights to The Voice and now viewers had to wait 2 hours after the show aired to watch it ONLY on TVJ. The social media uproar had me fearing that an angry mob would descend TVJ’s Lyndhurst Road studios but alas after a few days the angry horde settled and TVJ and its cohorts smiled all the way to the bank.

Tessanne Chin Support on the Voice

Jamaican songbird Tessanne Chin captured the hearts, minds and social media accounts of Jamaicans all over the globe as the internet was used to rally support for her as she competed week after week on The Voice. Thousands of tweets/statuses per minute flooded the interwebs with Tessanne as the topic growing in intensity as she closed in for the victory. Outside of the Olympics I don’t think there has ever been a more concentrated outpouring of support for a Jamaican on social media and I believe that played an important part Tessanne’s eventual victory.

Listen Mi news

What do you get when your cross a news, sports and current affairs show with DJing and put it on Youtube? Listen Mi news! Now with almost 10 episodes available Listen Mi news is becoming quite popular, lets see if its creators can keep things fresh and interesting in 2014.

Were there any big stories from 2014 that I missed? What is in store for 2014? Leave a comment below with your thoughts or tweet me @Geezam. Happy 2014!

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