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RESTREAM.IO launches “Go Live” multi-stream feature is popular in the sphere of online streamers and gamers looking to push their gaming streams through multiple outlets such as Twitch, Youtube and Mixer. The service supports multiple streaming outlets and has streamed over 20 million broadcasts to date resulting in almost 30 billion minutes watched. Streaming can be a complicated affair with […]

It’s been 5 years since Cliff-Twang exclaimed: “Nobody Canna Cross It”

Believe it or not, it’s now 5 years to the day that DJ Powa produced and shared a Youtube video that has cemented its place in Jamaica’s social media folklore. Titled “Nobody Canna Cross It – Twanging (Refix Video) – DJ Powa”; the video created a social media firestorm that made short-lived stars out of […]

Ron Muschette announces he is going to Mello FM and more via his Youtube Channel

An emotional Ron Muschette via his Youtube Channel has announced that he will be moving to Mello FM after quitting his job at Irie FM recently. Mr Muschette is most popularly known on Jamaica’s radio airwaves as the host of the leading morning program ‘Wake –Up Call which airs 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM Monday to Friday. […]

9 Stories from 2013 that show the rising power of Social Media in Jamaica

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube and other social media websites are some of the most popular and most visited/used websites by Jamaicans. With more and more Jamaicans getting access to the internet especially via mobile phones, social media sites are a frequent buzz with local happenings. Below are some of the top stories from 2013 that  show […]

How to download Videos from any website without installing software using Savefrom

In the process of blogging about everything from smartphones to Autonomous Robots (ants are my heroes!) I need ever so often to download a video. Unfortunately the St. Andrew Parish Library is very primitive….as in poorly updated Browsers and slow Internet! Cho! The fastest computers, again are the Research Machines upstairs. Unless you visit CNET […]

Angry Reactions to Youtube’s new Google+ Intergrated Commenting System

The Youtube community of content creators and users alike has been in collective uproar since Google decided to change the commenting system on Youtube and require all users wishing to leave a comment on the video sharing site to have a Google+ account. There are major problems with the new change. users must comment with […]