Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

Know your role

When they state that you are going to play your role they mean you are going to play your role because for each class you choose they give access to set weapon types to match the class so you can kiss the days of choosing which ever weapon you want to suite your gameplay or occasions good bye, they are some weapon sets that are available to everyone but for the most parts each class specializes in specific kinds of weapons or gadgets to get their jobs done.

The Importance of Balanced Squads

Once you are in game you will soon realize that team play is rewarded with utter dominance of the battlefield a balanced squad of an Assault, Engineer, Medic and Recon will do so much better than your squad of mostly Assault and Recon trust me I have seen it way too often while the enemy teams Assault will run out with his Medic just to get mowed down by your team but not without take out one or two of your members you will realize that his Medic will revive him while spotting the rest of your team for the Recon and Engineer to take out by range ballistics one of the key features of battlefield is the spotting ability you are able to mark the location of an enemy for your entire team to see so chances are even if he kills you he will be promptly put out of operations by a team member another aspect that will be apparent is the Ranks it means something if you are a lower Rank worst a much lower Rank with all stock weapons to your disposal you may notice that you are quickly removed from the battlefield if you dare attempt to go toe to toe with a higher Rank with superior weapons and resources to their disposal if you are one like myself who use to flanking and or catching your opponent off guard trust me that may not work to your advantage because the 50 shots from your default weapon will quickly be over powered by 5-10 shots of a superior and YES the difference in weapons early in the game are that apparent the best thing to do at a early level is spot your enemy so that you can get assistance taking them out until you get a decent weapon to stand up to them one would also notice that BC2 is a bit more demanding in most cases you bend a game to suite you but I think you have to bend to suite BC2 and personally I like the challenge and it some what filters out who doesn’t belong there.

Interactive Team Oriented Game

Overall BC2 is much more interactive that most FPS in the sense of you having to manually spot opponents, control/pilot vehicles, repairing, resupplying, reviving and healing of team mates BC2 is a lot more hands on in its execution In BC2 you need a good team or you will lose no matter how good you may be or your squad may be it means very little if the rest of team are lone wolves who have no intentions of assisting or making sacrifices for the team some times you have to run in blindly into a location to spot enemies or to make them give themselves away trying to kill you than to stay in your safe zone and pick off enemies so overall this is a strong team oriented game and it feels good running with a good team and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the FPS genre.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is available now for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Visit the official site for more information.

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