Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO – Fourteen years of Innovation with an “I”

An era has ended with the resignation of Apple CEO Steven Paul Jobs. Tim Cook, the Vice President, is now the CEO, with Steve Jobs stepping into the background as Chairman of the Apple Board much as had occurred when Bill Gates stepped down as Microsoft CEO and became Microsoft Chairman. His fourteen (14) years reign […]

Jamaica’s Lost Innovators – An untapped Source of Economic Prosperity

The late American Economist and Professor at the Harvard Business School, Theodore Levitt is quoted as saying that “Just as energy is the basis of life itself, and ideas the source of innovation, so is innovation the vital spark of all human change, improvement and progress.” Professor Michael E. Porter, author of “The Competitive Advantage […]

A message to LIME Jamaica

This is more than a message to LIME, it is a letter, a letter of final plea to the former telecoms monopoly of Jamaica. This plea is more from the people of Jamaica than it is from a single individual, it represent the views of those who have come in contact with Cable and Wireless, Bmobile, LIME or whatever their branding was at any given time which, unfortunately, did little to change the overall behavior of the company to it’s loyal customers. All that was received from the company after these several re-branding attempts were: arrogance, insensitivity and general lack of interest, it is time for a change.

The Message

Cable and Wireless have been among the leading companies operating in Jamaica for the last two decades. During this time you have provided the Jamaican populace with landline phones, internet and cellphone service. The novel service is that of cellphones. Cellphones provided by you suffered from many problems including: signal problems, an outdated technology framework, poor customer support and rates among the highest in the world. Those interested had to go through terrifying processes just to get a chance to use the novel cellphone service, thus the full potential of the marketability of cellphones were not realised, YET. The question is: Why worry about the customers? You had total control of the cellphone market so why sweat? No competition was there so you got your free time, you could do anything you wanted and no one could complain because you controlled ALL. It was then that a mostly unknown Irish businessman, looking for a fresh start after selling his Irish telecom company, saw the major possibilities of the suppressed Jamaican telecoms market and moved on to capitalize on it. He and his board members christened the company ‘Digicel’ and set a modest target of 100,000 customers in a year, a figure later surpassed in just under 100 days. Read more about A message to LIME Jamaica

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

So after embracing myself in the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 realm for a while its an all new experience its like an all new world of BC2 this is where the game shines. I dare say this is the only place it shines, but I promised my therapist I would think happy thoughts so lets just say it shines brighter here, much much brighter.

As you login to your EA account to play the multiplayer, BC2 has adopted what practically every other game seems to have adopted as of late the inclusion of a leveling system uniquely you start from level 0 instead of level 1. The player has 4 different game types to chose from:

  • Conquest where you take control and hold up to 4 areas on the map while dwindling down the resistance,
  • Rush the defense or destruction of M-Coms located across the map,
  • Squad Rush smaller version of rush which pits two squads (8 players) against each other &
  • Squad Deathmatch a traditional game type one team versus the other first to reach a specific frag count wins.

Then you choose from one of 4 class types in BC2 Read more about Battlefield Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Well I finally got my fangs into Battlefield: Bad Company 2 after all the hype and the fact about all my Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 companions basically bailed on me and left me to the comfort of random people.  So after being loaned a Bad Company 2  account to test out the game I decided to get my own copy but that was solely due to the multiplayer aspect.

battlefield-bad-company-2 box front

Disappointing campaign and Stubborn Controls

BC2’s campaign left a bad taste in my mouth I was some what disappointed with the overall execution of its campaign mode I wasn’t totally surprised though because first person shooters (FPS) are not usually known to have good story modes just something to get you along the way and not just mindless shooting, one is usually given just enough to let you know why you are shooting and blowing up any and everything that moves.  I found the controls some what stubborn especially when operating and external weapons like a mounted gun on a vehicle this usually only became apparent at the far left and right angles even when I increased the sensitivity of the mouse I had the same issue it wasn’t a response time problem just an overall all feel of the controls. Read more about Battlefield: Bad Company 2