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Geezam.com is a growing Caribbean based technology blog that intents to offer an unbiased and international view of technology related topics.

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Do you enjoy writing about gadgets, video games, the internet, online services, apps, news etc? If so you could be a writer or guest author for this website. There will be no compensation at this time for your contributions but as Geezam.com grows and expands monetary and other payments can be negotiated in the future.

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In return you can have a voice in the international technology community to voice your opinions on any technology related topic you shoose and highlight your writing talents. Each contributor can link back to their own webpage in the author profile section below each article which can enhance your personal brand and expand your writing talents.

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Send us an example article covering any technology related topic of interest and we will evaluate it and be in touch, this article must be written by the submitter and must not have been previously published in any other medium such as newspapers, blogs, content farm, email marketing campaign etc.

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If accepted you will be one of a few handpicked contributors choosen based on the value they can bring to the community. We accept guest posts but in order to accepted unto the Geezam.com team you will have to write at least 3-6 articles per month regularly. Sign up to start publishing your unique opinion and analysis to our growing audience of readers

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