How to Get a Stronger Wi-Fi Signal from your Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem

When it comes to coaxing stronger Wi-Fi from your router, the following adage is true: Location, location, location. Steel in the walls will block Wi-Fi signals and as such where you place your Wi-Fi router is important.

This is true if you have one of Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem as described in Caricel’s Unlimited Modems implies FLOW and Digicel going Unlimited in 2017. So here are a few tips to get more out of your Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem.

Wi-Fi Signal needs Higher Ground

Place the router on the second floor promotes wider reach if you house is that big.

Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem antennas have a coverage area that looks like an umbrella if your eyes could see Wi-Fi Radio waves: The higher you put them, the more coverage you get below them. Floors, once they have metal in them, attenuate signals.

So if your house has an attic, do not put the router up there; it’ll weaken the signal in the floors lower down.

Wi-Fi Signal improves if you seize the middle ground

Doors and walls are also create signal shadows. So placing the Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem to the center of your home is important.

This may contradict the first bit of advice, but if you can find a spot that is both high and in the middle of the house, you may improve the signal elsewhere in the house. Moving wires may not be necessary if you have a Powerline Adaptor to redistribute Wi-Fi signal to other parts of the house as described in How to expand and secure your Wi-Fi Network with Power-Line Adaptors.

Shift the receiver improves the Wi-Fi Signal improves

The placement of the devices receiving the Wi-Fi signal is equally important.

So if you have a Roku device or a Samsung Smart Hub as described in Samsung’s Smart Hub puts you in control of your Home Entertainment, then their placement is all too important.

Wi-Fi Signal interferes with some appliances

Older 802.11n router can interfere with the Wi-Fi signal in your home.

That includes device such as:

  • Baby monitors
  • Cordless phones,
  • Bluetooth
  • Microwave

So finish popping the popcorn in the microwave before you turn on the Roku as it may interfere with the functioning of these devices.

Adjust the Wi-Fi Router rabbit ears antennas

If you have one of those fancy Wi-Fi routers with eight antennas or more, fiddling with them can make a difference. In fact, on 802.11ac routers, you can separate signal allowing one device to stream video to one antenna and use the other antennas for Web browsing.

This means a lot of fiddling with the positioning of each antenna, one at a time, as Wi-Fi signals bounce all over the house like an old-school, rabbit-ear TV antenna. Thus shifting the antennas in turn will gradually improve your Wi-Fi signal. If your router has no antennas, they are usually packed inside, so rotating the router also works just as well.

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