Caricel’s Unlimited Modems implies FLOW and Digicel going Unlimited in 2017

Christmas hasn’t come yet but Caricel is making Students feel extra special for 2017. So says their ad that appeared in the Sunday Gleaner dated December 3rd 2016.


Caricel is oddly silent on Social Media, save for their latest tweet on their Caricel Twitter Page:

Currently being built with the help of Comtech and Alepo as explained in Caricel’s LTE network to be deployed by Comtech and Alepo, they’ve quietly rolled out their 4G LTE services for 2017 with two (2) Modems:

  • Novatel Mifi
  • Huawei LTE Modem

Huawei LTE Modem is black in colour and has a removable Li-Ion Battery, suggesting that this modem is mobile and not fixed in any one location. Given that it’s compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Mac OS X 10.4 or later and even Linux, it’s clear that Caricel is going after the Mobile Road Warriors who like to have Cable Internet speeds on the go.


The Novatel Mifi, has similar specs, sporting a removable Li-Ion Battery.


It’s definitely geared for college students, with mobility a clear feature of this pocket-sized device sporting dimensions of 62 mm by 15.3 mm by 98 mm (2.44″ by 0.6″ by 3.86″) and weighing in at 81g (2.86 oz), lighter than most smartphones. However, with the added benefit of being able to create a portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on the go, I suspect that will be a hot buy for students.


But the real surprise is that their services are rolling unlimited 4G LTE, exactly as I’d predicted in FLOW Jamaica and Caricel may launch 4G LTE with Unlimited Data and Family Plans.

So what is the cost of Caricel’s Unlimited 4G LTE Service?

Caricel’s Unlimited Modems – FLOW Jamaica and Digicel may have to go Unlimited to compete

The cost for Caricel’s 4G LTE Services and Mifi/Modem can be found on their website. These modems are currently on sale at the UWI Student Union and the UWI Test Office, Annex Building, 3rd Floor as shown in the advert below on their website.


The price for the two (2) modems summed up below and depends on the buyer.

For the Huawei LTE Modem the prices are quoted as thus:

  • JA$11,600 annually for Students
  • JA$11,600 quarterly or JA$37,000 annually for the General Public

For the Novatel Mifi, which is similar to the FLOW Jamaica’s Mifi Product as described in FLOW Jamaica MiFi helps you use Prepaid Mobile Internet Plan wisely, the pricing is equally appealing:

  • JA$9,999 annually for Students
  • JA$5,800 quarterly or JA$20,000 annually for the General Public

This may seem a bit steep, but when you consider that this is for the entire year, then it works out to be a little over JA$1000 per month for each.

Somewhere inside of FLOW Jamaica and Digicel Jamaica’s Headquarters, there are some worried executives fearing what this may imply if they expand beyond Portmore and Kingston and St. Andrew; they’d have to roll out unlimited Internet access as well for sure!


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