How to Get a Stronger Wi-Fi Signal from your Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem

When it comes to coaxing stronger Wi-Fi from your router, the following adage is true: Location, location, location. Steel in the walls will block Wi-Fi signals and as such where you place your Wi-Fi router is important. This is true if you have one of Caricel’s Wi-Fi Router Modem as described in Caricel’s Unlimited Modems […]

FLOW launches LTE in Barbados as Jamaica gets Huawei E8372

“This is a great achievement for Barbados and it once again demonstrates our ability to place Barbados ahead of the pack” Interim Managing Director, Flow, Jenson Sylvester, commenting on the launch of LTE in Barbados Folks, FLOW Barbados has finally gone supersonic. They’ve launched LTE (Long Term Evolution) in Barbados and represents an investment of […]

Caricel’s Unlimited Modems implies FLOW and Digicel going Unlimited in 2017

Christmas hasn’t come yet but Caricel is making Students feel extra special for 2017. So says their ad that appeared in the Sunday Gleaner dated December 3rd 2016. Caricel is oddly silent on Social Media, save for their latest tweet on their Caricel Twitter Page: Our technology far surpasses any current jamaican operators. We take […]

FLOW Jamaica and Caricel may launch 4G LTE with Unlimited Data and Family Plans

FLOW Jamaica is still celebrating the fact that they’ve achieved 1 million customers as per my ditty How Flow Jamaica celebrated 1 million customers with a 99 cents FAM Plan as this is a very significant growth milestone. They’re under pressure to launch their 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution Network to challenge Digicel LTE, which […]

Caricel’s LTE network to be deployed by Comtech and Alepo

The next weapon to be employed by telecommunications providers in Jamaica will be 4-G Long-Term Evolution networks (LTE). Flow, Digicel and now the latest entrant into the war Caricel are lining up to “switch on” their networks to feed an increasing data-hungry market. Information has emerged that Caricel’s LTE network will be deployed by US […]

Caricel – Newest Mobile Operator to enter Jamaican market “in a matter of weeks”

After months of limited information about the third potential entrant in the mobile telecommunications sector in Jamaica things have heated up in the last few days. Symbiote Investments Ltd has wrapped up the paperwork for its mobile spectrum license  and is expected to enter the Jamaican market in a matter of weeks as “Caricel.” The […]