Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs means it’s Home Theatre Upgrade Time

Jamaicans are facing a lengthly Summer without possibly nineteen (19) Cable channels. This as BCJ (Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica) has asked some forty nine (49) Cable operators to cease and desist broadcasting them by Sunday May 31st 2015,  as they’ve not been paying the US Content Providers.

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Now comes news that LIME-owned legal islandwide Cable Provider FLOW is set to raise the price of their various Cable packages. Going back to watching DVD Movies may be their only choice for entertainment this Summer of 2015, as many parents ponder how to keep their kids occupied.

So if you one of those persons, then I have good News for you; The Blu-Ray Disc Association has completed the specifications on Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs as announced on Wednesday May 13th, 2015. 

Blu-Ray Disc Association’s Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs – Home Theatre Upgrade Time

Not only is there a logo, but they’ve finally made up their mind about the specifications for the next generation of Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs to be like as I’d predicted in Blu-Ray Disc Association at IFA says 4K Blu-Ray Disc coming in 2015.

This should have many Blu-Ray Disc player owners in the US of A and Jamaica excited, as technically this mean that by Christmas, when Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes out, you can start playing 4K Quality Blu-Ray Discs in your spankin’ new Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player.

Makes sure you have a Ultra HD 4K television set such as the Samsung’s JS8500 Series of Smart UHDTV’s with Quantum Dot technology as detailed in Samsung’s SUHD Smart TV running Tizen OS as UHD Alliance Grows and Internet of Things Beckons.

This as you need the newer technology to display 4K, which boasts a resolution of 3840 x 2160 resolution at 60 fps (frames per second), HDR (High Dynamic Range) Colour.

Your sound bars will have to be up to spec  and you can’t go wrong with the Curved soundbars from Samsung, the Samsung Panoramic WAM7500 and WAM6500 Speakers as described in  Samsung Panoramic WAM7500 and WAM6500 Speakers with Curved Soundbars at CES 2015.

This as the new Ultra HD Blu-Ray format supports some slammin’ advanced audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Gaming Consoles too, such as the Sony Play station and the Microsoft XBox, will also sport this upgraded Ultra HD Blu-Ray player technology. But what about the Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs themselves? How do they differ from Regular Blu-Ray Discs? 

Ultra Blu-Ray Discs still Relevant as 4K Streaming Bandwidth handi-Capped

The new Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs will likely be very popular, as 4K Streaming, albeit possible as acknowledged in my article Samsung unveils their First Curved Ultra High Definition TV, the U9000 Series at Mona Visitors Lodge, will max out the Bandwidth Caps of most Data plans, even if you have Google Fiber, AT&T U-Verse or Verizon Fios in the US of A.

Rather, this new Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs will cater to persons who purchased their upgraded Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs Players to complete their Home Theatres Systems and are not into 4K Streaming. The typical file size of a typical 4K movie is three to four times the 1080p version. Binge watching is therefore out of the question for 4K Streamers.

The issues of lag and low quality Video and Audio usually associated with streaming from Netflix and YouTube are cause by Bandwidth availability issues, a problem that thee advanced Blu-Ray Discs sidestep.

For this exclusive customer, the joy of rich HD Audio and the viewing experience is what these purists seek and having the best gear with the best Media Format makes the world of a difference to them.

The  Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs satisfy that craving, with Movie studios have the option to port their 4K Movies onto 66GB dual-layer Discs and 100GB triple-layer Discs. This massive storage capability totally outstrips the capacity of traditional Blu-Ray Discs that store 25GB of data on single layer Discs and 50GB of data storage on dual-layer Discs.

It’ll be awhile yet before Commercial Ultra Blu-Ray Burners are available to burn illegal Blu-Rays or even to do archival backup storage as described in How to do Physical Backup using DVD and CD and a Listing of the best software Burning DVD and CD’s.

However, licensing for Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs is slated to start in the Summer of 2015, with the Ultra HD Blu-Ray Content coming out in the Fourth Quarter of 2015.

I know this may be too late for the Summer of 2015, but doesn’t this get you excited for the Christmas 2015? Now would be a good time for you to upgrade to an Ultra HD Blu-Ray Discs player, as by Christmas, your Home Theatre will make Christmas awesome!

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