Samsung Panoramic WAM7500 and WAM6500 Speakers with Curved Soundbars at CES 2015

“We know how much people love music and that’s why we are expanding our portfolio to bring high-quality, wireless audio into the home. With the new WAM7500/6500 people can enjoy a vibrant sound wherever they are, while our new Curved Soundbars perfectly complement the TV viewing experience.”

Senior Vice President at Samsung Electronics, Jurack Chae, commenting on Samsung’s WAM7500/6500 set of speakers and Curved Soundbars.

Before CES 2015, the Te4chnology Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada even had a chance to start, Samsung let a really noisy cat out of the bag. Their new state-of-the-art Audio Lab in Valencia, California had designed the WAM7500/6500 set of speakers that  are not only prêt-a-porter, but also play well with that horrible couch you may have in your living room!

Geezam - Samsung Panoramic WAM7500 and WAM6500 Speakers with Curved Soundbars at CES 2015 - 07-01-2015 LHDEER (1)

In a bid not to be a Debbie Downer with regards to the feng-shui of whoever room you’ll stick these badboys (can I recommend the den???), the WAM7500/6500 Speakers comes in one of two types for your High-End Audio System:

  • WAM7500 Stand-type
  • WAM6500 Movable-type

So what’s so special about a set of fashion-forward Speakers?

The WAM7500/6500 Speakers radiate your beats in all direction, instead of just away from the Speakers in one direction aka uni-directional Speakers is what makes them unique.

For as long as I can remember, that’s been the way most Speakers work. Samsung’s WAM7500/6500 Speakers, therefore, have the distinction of being omni-directional instead of being unidirectional, a first for the company in Audio products.

Not to mention they look really nice as well, giving your living space a 60′ to late 70″s kinda feel.

Geezam - Samsung Panoramic WAM7500 and WAM6500 Speakers with Curved Soundbars at CES 2015 - 07-01-2015 LHDEER (2)

A few Speakers break with this usual mode of Speaker design and provide omni-directional Panoramic sound such as the kickstarted Mars by Crazybaby Levitating Bluetooth Speaker or the Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker by Om Audio. Other than these examples, very few large companies have made a break with the uni-directional design of speakers and even fewer.

Mars by Crazybaby Levitating Bluetooth Speaker and the Om/One Levitating Bluetooth Speaker by Om Audio also differ in that they magnetically levitate the Treble Speaker above the Base, reducing vibration from contact with the ground.

Samsung debuts Curved Soundbars that match their line of Curved UHDTV 

Samsung also has some Soundbars that suggest that despite the hype of curved UHDTV (Ultra High Definition Television), they’ve not forgotten the product and have accessories in store.

In that light, they’ve designed some additional Soundbars to  go with the U9000 Series Curved Smart TV’s as described in “Samsung unveils their First Curved Ultra High Definition TV, the U9000 Series at Mona Visitors Lodge”.

Along with the original 7500 series of Curved Soundbars, they also created three (3) more Soundbars that match with the 45” to 78” UHDTV’s:

  • 6000 Series
  • 6500 Series
  • 8500 Series

Typically TV sound systems, even UHDTV ones offer poor quality sound. Mix it up with a good HD Audio Home Theatre Receiver such as the US$900 Marantz SR5009 Home Theatre A-V Receiver and your matching 9.1 Channel 8500 Series Soundbars will also have great sound to match with your UHDTV and those groovy Speakers, That 70’s Show Style!

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