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So by now we all have been bombarded with advertisement for the GOJ-MNS Stay Alert App. So if its getting this much attention then it needs a review. I played around with some of the features of the app for about a month or more and

I would give this app a 2 out of 5 for design, 4 out of 5 for functionality.

It provides the basic functionality to help residents and visitors when in an unfortunate situation to safely and discretely seek help. Merit to whoever conceptualize this app. However, lets make this app better. You may be able to offer it to other Caribbean neighbors.


This is your first representation of any app, this is also how you court your users. Stay Alert App logo lacks the basic necessities for logo designs, its Flat, lacked creativity and ineffective.

Now here are some tips on how to improve:
1. Avoid a lot of text – It looks cluttered and clunky. In our case in the logo we have Stay Alert App and also the way how the app store is set up the name is also below the logo, so no need for duplication unless its a trademarked name.

2. Be Creative – Try to stand out from the crowd. I’m sure there are alot of safety apps. We are creative
people.Persons garner interest from the logo and how intriguing it is. They look & analyze and if uncertain they then read the name and if still uncertain they read descriptions which then leads to a download because HEY the button to DOWNLOAD is RIGHT THERE!!!!
I’m sure there are a million artists and designers out from the various Universities which could do a great job adding creativity to the logo.

3. Brand Jamaica – Someone scrolling through the app store needs to see if this is a country specific app and that’s not prominent. Someone in Iraq or some crime other infested country cant use this app so make it known, so they don’t waste their time. Maybe consider a name change to Stay Alert Jamaica.

Functionality & Design

1. Very functional from the least savvy to the advanced, However please get your developer to fix the location services popup. Its very intrusive. I only turn on my location when necessary unless your going to make this app use zero of my mobile data services. Have a dismiss message and only show it when the app actually needs location which is on the Report screen.

2. Colour choices needs work. I know we want to be patriotic however green on a yellow background is somewhat tacky and depends on the lighting is very hard to read. And in a critical situation where emotions are high and you need to use the app asap I’m sure your eyes will be blurry, confused and that’s not the effect I’m sure you want to be going for.

Here is a good site to help with colour combinations.

Other things to consider

1. Use of System Notification tray- You have effectively forced me to open the app each time there is a notification instead of giving me the option to have a preview of the message so I can determine if I want to read it now or later. The app icon in the notification tray needs to be fixed as well.

Current State

Proposed Solution

2. Include other important information one such would be support hotline numbers. Allow click to call (abuse hotline, suicide hotline, aids hotline, etc).

3. Sharing from the app. – A colleague may ask you to get some information about some law and how they are affected and to be able to click and share the information from the app could drive app usage and possibly capture new users.

4. 12 laws alone – I’m sure there are many more laws that affect citizen they should be added ignorance of the law is no excuse. There is no such thing as too much information.

5. Rule of thumb in this era. Build systems not just destinations to drive users to. Read

Hereā€™s the link:
Stay Alert App on the Google Play Store

Feel free to send me a note if you want me to check out your app. Happy Coding!!!

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    I always get message about new notifications and they take me directly to the app. However the app notification button just can’t open. So I have never been able to see a message. I use an iPhone

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