Samsung receives EPA Award for Galaxy S10 packaging and e-waste recycling

“Samsung is humbled by the EPA’s recognition of our long-term commitment to the proper collection and recycling of e-waste in the United States and the sustainable design innovations that we continue to drive in product packaging. We will continue to make investments to further our environmental stewardship practices and reduce our impact on climate change as we strive towards a greener and better tomorrow.”

Head of Corporate Sustainability for Samsung Electronics America, Mark Newton, commenting on awards received from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

On April 27 2021, Samsung Electronics announced it has received two awards of distinctions for the company’s ongoing sustainability efforts from the U.S. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

The EPA has recognized Samsung’s innovative sustainable practices each year since the Sustainable Materials Management (SMM) Program’s inception in 2014. The latest recognitions include a Gold Tier Award, the EPA’s highest award in recycling, for Samsung’s leadership in the responsible recycling of electronic waste (e-waste) and a Champion Award in the Program Category for the Galaxy S10 eco-packaging.

The EPA annually recognizes the top performers within its SMM Program. SMM Electronics Challenge participants are rethinking product life cycles, committing to innovative and responsible electronics management, and reducing environmental impacts. The 2020 SMM Electronics Challenge Award winners will be recognized at a virtual award ceremony later today.

EPA SMM Champion Award – Samsung recycling e-waste, packaging for Galaxy S10

“The Electronics Challenge award winners are corporate role models creating new products that show environmental improvement can go hand-in-hand with other technological advances. EPA encourages others to follow their lead by implementing similar innovative approaches,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan.

Samsung is one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers and fully embraces the responsibility that comes with our market position to effect change on a large scale to protect the environment. The EPA SMM Gold Tier Award acknowledges our excellence in e-waste collection throughout the U.S.

Samsung annually collects and recycles approximately 100 million pounds of e-waste. Since 2008, we’ve recycled over a billion pounds of electronics, diverting them from U.S. landfills and recovering reusable materials.

They also promote upcycling, that is, the re-use of their packaging and products for other uses via their Galaxy Upcycling program as described in Samsung promotes Galaxy Upcycling on Environment Day.

The EPA SMM Champion Award in the Program Category recognizes Samsung’s innovative Galaxy S10 and S20 packaging strategies for its use of material in a more environmentally responsible way as per my article Samsung Galaxy S20 Designers – Making the Smartphone Experience More Sustainable.

The smartphone’s plastic-free box and interior packaging have been redesigned to reduce its environmental footprint and consume fewer resources. For example, the packaging includes an all-in-one pulp mold for the device and its components to minimize waste.

Other adjustments include replacing plastic ties with paper materials. These design change have contributed to making the Galaxy S10’s packaging 32g lighter than that of its predecessors – a 16% packaging weight reduction.

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