How to connect Xbox One controller to any Computer or Laptop

I’m not much of a game-head myself, but I do love Microsoft’s Xbox One and especially its nifty controller. Fits the hand like a glove and very comfortable too, it makes for a great way to full take advantage of the advance graphics that this Gaming Machine’s packin’.


Not me, I’m a PC and Laptop guy; not into Gaming Systems wither, as they frequently change and in my view, are being and will be made extinct by Tablets as concluded in Apple iPad Air’s the World Thinnest Tablet and Apple iPad Mini 2’s a 3DS and Vita killer

Gear of War just became my summer Friend along with the traditional Servings of Super Mario Land, Sonic the Hedgehog, Retro Arcade Style and yes…..I’m very much into TitanFall too. My other favourite titles aren’t much to speak of, but I love em’ to bitz:

  • War Thunder
  • Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare
  • Neverwinter Nights 2
  • Team Fortress 2

But alas, that’s mostly on my PC in Milk River, Clarendon, which is a 3.6 GHz Dual-Core 4 GB RAM packing a 500 GB SATA Deal that represents my investment in Desktop Computing muscle from my CLARO and later JAMALCO working years. On my Dell Lattitude D520 with its measly 1.73 GHz Intel Celeron with 2GB RAM and 80GB SATA Hard-Drive, it’s mostly Tetris, Star Defender 4 and even Bejewelled.

I’m planning to get some great Game Controllers so I can do some really serious Gaming and in the process, possibly do a Review or two on some of my favourite Games, of which there are many others….on my PC in Milk River, of course, when I come to visit Milk River on the Weekends. But the question begs; how do you connect the Xbox One Game Controller and thus take advantage of that level of comfort in Game Play on your Computer?

Xbox One Controller Connected to a PC – Free Drivers Galore

First, you’ll need to go to Microsoft’s Website and download the Xbox One Controller Drivers for PC. Then you install the Drivers on your PC, following the prompts as they appear on the Screen.

Finally, as you’d do with a Printer, just plug in the Xbox One Controller and voila! you’ve got game! Trust me, this may go down as my shortest article ever. By the way, here’s the link to the Xbox One Controller Drivers for PC! There are no known issues with these drivers, save that you have to have Windows 7 or 8 installed; that I cannot help you with, as Microsoft’s discontinued Windows XP Support!

Happy Summer 2014 as you Game on and obliterate top score after score!

Here’s the link:

Xbox One Controller Drivers for PC

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