How Final Fantasy XV on PlayStation 4 means PlayStation VR in September 2016

Fans of Final Fantasy, I’ve got great news for you!

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV has finally been given an official release date (Van Boom, 2016, March 30) of September 30th, 2016. Take a gander at this tweet from Developer of the popular RPG (Role Playing Game), Square Enix:

Fans of the Sony Entertainment owned Square Enix who have been waiting for over a decade since Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the original name, was announced at E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) 2006 will be pleased as what’s in store for them. In 2013, it was rebranded as Final Fantasy XV and moved to the current generation of consoles, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Geezam - How Final Fantasy XV may be coming to PlayStation 4 and Playstation VR in September 2016 - 31-03-2016 LHDEER

Promised since 2013, Final Fantasy XV didn’t materialize until now, with Final Fantasy XIII, the last non-spinoff single player game being released back in 2009.

So what’s new with the final Fantasy Franchise?

Final Fantasy XV coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One – Virtual Reality Game coming to PlayStation VR

There will be two (2) special edition packages for pre-order on Square Enix’s online Store:

  • Deluxe Edition
  • Ultimate Collector’s Edition

The Deluxe Edition has the following:

  • Bonus game content
  • A Blu-ray Kingsglaive disc
  • Fancy steelbook packaging

The Ultimate Collector’s Edition is also packing the same stuff, but comes with some additional perks:

  • A special soundtrack
  • A figure of the game’s main character
  • An art book

Other in-game bonuses will be announced for the faltering series that’s set to debut on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For now, enjoy drooling over Square Enix’s YouTube Trailer.

Personally, I’m betting that the Final Fantasy franchise might also be coming to the PlayStation VR in October 2016 as I’d predicted in How US$399 Playstation VR coming in October started a VR Console War.

So folks, I’ve got this one, as I’m expecting some fireworks once the VR Console Wars started.

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