Skype clocks 2 Billion Minutes per Day worth of VoIP Calls driven by the Mobile Computing Revolution

Skype, the Internet VoIP Platform that’s owned by Microsoft since May of 2011, has now hit a major milestone since Wednesday April 3rd 2013. The World apparently spends 2 billion Minutes per day (yes rasta, you read it right!) on Skype  using this Free and Paid VoIP platform, a figure that includes both Desktop Applications and the steadily growing smartphone and Tablet World as described in How the Apple iPad killed Ultrabooks, Printing and the Mouse as the World Rediscovers Tablets.

That 2 billion Minutes per day includes, on both Mobile and Desktops:

  • Internet phone calls

  • Video calls

  • Group chats

  • Instant messages

Geezam - Skype clocks 2 Billion Minutes per Day worth of VoIP Calls driven by the Mobile Computing Revolution - 04-10-2013

Not surprising, Facebook may have a big part to play in achieving this milestones, as Skype’s deeply integrated in Facebook, powering Big Blue’s Video Calling Service less than 2 months after the Microsoft Acquisition in July 2011. A Year and four months later in November 2012, Microsoft replaced Messenger with Skype.

Skype’s usage has been riding ever since, despite threats of a ban by the Far East Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Skype for not allowing their Security peeps to intercept possible Terrorists conversations over their VoIP Network [8]. Ditto too for Viber and WhatsApp, worth of their own blog article on another day.

Yes folks, Skype’s as secure as BB Messenger, who’d faced a similar problem with the Saudi Government back in 2011.

This of course, as can now be seen by the Infographic, is of mutual benefit to BOTH Facebook and Skype, as Skype’s get access to FB’s nearly 750 million Subscriber back then in 2011. For the record, FB’s the top Dog in Social Networking based on yet more maps with more than 1 Billion active users worldwide, with some 600 million that are Mobile as noted in How to add Emoticons to your Facebook posts.

So here a pint of Malta to Skype as we take advantage of the coming trend of VoIP over Data Networks such as 3G and the rising star of 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) as noted in LIME, Digicel and FLOW – Leading the Global 4G Adoption Curve replacing Voice Calling over GSM (Global system Mobile) and CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) Networks

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