Youtube gets new look and revamped features

The revamp train keeps keep making the rounds at Google with its latest stop being Youtube after recent stops at Gmail and Google Reader. Implementing a lot of the features from it’s cosmic panda experiment, Youtube has made some major updates to it’s site while not changing things up too much in a way that will confuse regular users.

The homepage gets a complete overhaul and is now more customizable allowing users to select which channels they want to see as well as social media inegration. The design of Youtube channels have also changed with channel owners now being able to select different channel templates to fit their style and their reason for using Youtube be it a blogger, multinational news agency or the regular Jane uploading the occasional random video. Finally the general design, icons, background and even video thumbnails of Youtube has been updated giving the site a more refined look.

More details are available on the official Youtube blog and while checking out the changes to youtube be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel for video updates from us.

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