YouTube launches YouTube Newswire to verify Eyewitness Videos

“It’s almost impossible to turn on the news during a breaking event without seeing raw video uploaded by a YouTube user somewhere across the globe. Today, more than five million hours of news video is watched on YouTube every day, and the role of the eyewitness has never had a more vital place in the newsgathering process” 

Google News Lab’s Olivia Ma in a Blog post announcing the Google Newswire

Google seems to be wasting no time when it comes to monetizing content on YouTube after having gone HTML5 in January 2015 as noted in YouTube Switches to HTML5 with Adaptive Bitrate for Better Streaming.

On Thursday June 18th 2015, YouTube launched a service called YouTube Newswire in partnership with Storyful, News Corp owned Social Media Startup that focuses on verifying news that breaks exclusively on Social Media.

The News site will feature a curated list of newsworthy eyewitness videos that’s been fact-checked and verified as spot-on correct and not a hoax.

For those of my readers with good memories, this is the same company that had partnered with Facebook to create the FB Newswire Facebook and Twitter feeds in April 2014, which also does the exact same thing; verify Breaking news on Social Media

The First Draft Coalition – Google Want You to Join the Eyewitness Army

Along with YouTube Newswire, Google has also launched an Eyewitness verification platform called The First Draft Coalition. As the name suggests, it’s a group of experts in the verification of eyewitness videos, mainly Eyewitness Media Hub, Storyful, Bellingcat, First Look Media and other specialist in Social Journalism.

The aim of this group of experts isn’t just verification of YouTube viral videos linked to newsworthy events but also training individuals submitting videos to the site on what counts as newsworthy. There is also training on ethics as it relates to the posting of sensitive videos, special tools to use to validate their uploads, fact-checking of the source of the news and really how to shoot good, believable footage even when under fire.

They will also create case studies based on some of the biggest stories to be posted on YouTube Newswire….making this worthy of addition to my already rapidly growing YouTube subscription!


YouTube and Witness Media Lab – The Casual Videographer’s struggle to deal with what he Witnessed

In a separate announced on Thursday, YouTube has also announced that they’re teaming up with Witness Media Lab to do a series of documentaries on American Human Right struggles from the perspective of the videographers who capture newsworthy videos. The Witness Media Lab is an offshoot of a YouTube Human Rights Channel launched in 2012 and its predecessor, the Hub.

Quite fitting, therefore, that the first project from their collaboration will focus on bystanders who film videos of Police Brutality against members of the Public in the United States of America and in so doing, help to bring them to Justice.

After all, the genuine members of the public who catch accidental footage of a news-breaking event often have their lives turned upside down by persons in position of power with special interest in trying to make sure their video doesn’t end up incriminating them.

So it’s YouTube the Photojournalist and Video Reporter, giving smartphone owners more reason to upgrade their Smartphone to the latest post-2012 version of Google Android to keep using their YouTube App as explained in YouTube App support on pre-2012 devices ending April 30 2015.

Stay Tuned as this just in……an eyewitness has just posted some breaking News on YouTube Newswire.


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