FLOW Jamaica WorldPak International Calling Plan helps you get Bonus Credit

FLOW Jamaica is definately having the time of their life with the Rio Olympics 2016!

Their FLOW Rio 2016 Extra App is the talk of the town, especially as it hints at a possible future involving local Jamaicans Developers filling their threadbare App store for their 1 million customers as I’d predicted in FLOW Rio 2016 Extra App means Jamaican Developers Apps Coming Soon.

FLOW Jamaica WorldPak International Calling Plan helps you get Bonus Credit

While you’re contemplating that possibility, check out this picture of Usain Bolt as he won the 100m on Sunday August 14th 2016 to claim his title as World’s Best with three Gold medals and Olympic Titles….with a smile!

While you’re at it, try to beat his reaction time of 0.115 seconds out of the blocks in the 100m in Rio Olympics in this interactive game!

So now that you’ve had a bit of fun, now would be a great time to make an international call using one of FLOW’s three (3) WorldPak International Calling Plan:

  • WorldPak 250
  • WorldPak 900
  • WorldPak 1200

So how do these WorldPak International Calling Plan work?

FLOW Jamaica WorldPak International Calling Plan – Getting Credit from abroad

These International Calling Plans are a slight upgrade to the WorldPak International Calling plans from LIME as explained in How to set up an International Calling Plan for Digicel or LIME Prepaid and Postpaid.

Their USSD Activation codes are based on their prices. Thus:

  • WorldPak 250 – *134*250#
  • WorldPak 900 – *134*900#
  • WorldPak 1200 – *134*1200#

Checking your International Balance is as simple as:

  • Dialing *120#
  • Use the interactive menu at *129*1#
  • Call 100, select 1 and then 2 in the IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

You might be wondering why you would need an international Calling plan, especially as TalkEZ cabling rates are so low at JA$2.99 and XL Value Plan allows you 30 minutes of free calling after making only 5 minutes of the call as explained in FLOW Jamaica’s XL Value Plan has Free Talk, Text, Nights, FAM and Faves.

Don’t forget the 99 cents calling plan as well as the FLOW MVP Plan as I’d written about in How to Talk EZ Peeps can Activate the FLOW MVP Plan.

Well, you get more time to talk, especially if you’re begging you relatives in the following countries:

  • USA (Mobile and Landlines)
  • Canada (Mobile and Landlines)
  • UK (Landlines only)
  • China (Mobile and Landlines)
  • Spain (Landlines)

Great way to touch base with relatives abroad so that they can send you US$20 credit to get bonus credit to ease the pressure of local FLOW-to-FLOW Calling as noted in When in the wild, Top-up your FLOW Jamaica or Digicel smartphone Online.

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Here’s the link:

FLOW Jamaica Prepaid Calling Plans

FLOW Jamaica Website

FLOW Jamaica Twitter Feed: @FLOWJamaica

FLOW Jamaica Facebook Page

FLOW Jamaica YouTube Channel

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