The more the world changes the more we stay the same..?

Without a doubt the past 5 years the world and Jamaica has seen a rapid evolution, with more adoption to new technologies (gadgets, social media, e-commerce, etc..) none of which has left the Caribbean and region behind. Once its released can bet within days someone will have it through the advent of companies like ShipMe/MailPac/SmartPostJa globalization is here to stay.

However, has our business/small businesses realize what is happen and think to evolve to stay relevant? By the looks of this no or they are struggling. Read me

Well I hope this helps ease that struggling; I want to suggest ways small businesses can keep up and compete effectively in this new/not so new global economy.

1. Make Yourself Easy to Find with a Great Website/ Expand your Online Presence

– Whether its creating a social media page showing your catalog and having an avenue for persons to communicate with seller before making a decision to step foot in your brick and mortar establishment.
– Or making a e-commerce website for your business that eliminates the need for persons to leave their home to receive their purchases. There are numerous delivery services available in Jamaica to make this easy and effortless (GetThere, Doorway Express Ltd, Tara Couriers, Knutsford Express)
– Lastly use some existing platform to showcase your products online. Such as or just to name a few.

2. Build A Loyal Customer Base & Engaging Customers

– Consumers seek out new products, they now look to their online network(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat), and the recommendations they find on social media play a key role in influencing their purchasing decisions. I recommend interact with your consumers daily/hourly ensure that they know you exist and all the products you have to offer. People love brands they can trust but also brands they feel connected to and can easily reach.
Invest in creating a community of your loyal customers who will help promote your company.

3. Get more competitive with a robust marketing mix.

– That doesn’t mean you need to spend more on your marketing; it means you need to market smarter by combining traditional methods with digital marketing. Use a range of marketing channels to get your customers to come back, through automated email campaigns or pay-per-click retargeting campaigns if they haven’t been in the store recently or to reward them for being great customers. Just remember to collect robust data(emails, phone numbers) on your customers so that you know who, how and when to activate them.

4. Be The Best In What You Do and Give the Best

– Focus on one domain. You can not only increase customer engagement but also create a following or small community for your product. Explore areas that are untouched or non-existent and create your own brand with innovations that allow you to explore an untouched market.

Gone are the days of bringing the donkey to the well to drink, Lets bring the well to the donkey through online presence.

Hope this helps!

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Hola! Im a software developer/business analyst by day and a product strategist by night. Have a passion for helping persons actualizing their ideas whether through software or research. The main vision I have for contributing to this blog is to shed some light on how we can bring software in the Caribbean to the modern century which focuses on the user and how to make their usage seamless, logical yet secure. Enjoy..