Withings Activité Smartwatch is an inspired Swiss-Styled Design with Year-long Battery Life

“…..the services and features you’d expect, in a truly discreet and seamless way. These trackers have failed at finding a way at sticking around. Now, we can design a true watch and have all the benefits of these trackers without having a piece of tech on your wrist”

Withings CEO Cedric Hutchings in an interview with CNET on the Withings Activité

A Wristwatch First and a Fitness Tracker as an afterthought. Or as we Jamaicans would say “Fashion ova Style”. A mantra the Smartwatch makers need to realize is needed to make Smartwatch a success or end up being sidelined as churlish comic-book fanboys like the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Samsung Galaxy Gear Neo as I’d opined in Don’t cry over spilt Samsung Milk as Samsung Galaxy S5 and smartwatches disappoint.

Few Smartwatches aspire to and achieve this lofty Gold standard, such as the US$249 Pebble Steel as described in US$249 Pebble Steel rocks James Bond Playboy joie de vivre on your Wrist. I’ve found another:  the US$390 Withings Activité.

Withings Activité Smartwatch

Thus my new found adoration for the US$390 Withings Activité Smartwatch announced on Monday June 23rd 2014! It’s exactly what I’ve been talking about all this time. A step up from their other Smartwatch, the Pulse O2, it sports a slick Swiss-Styling with an Analog Swiss movement, this beast is a beauty to behold. Its a Swiss Movement covered in unbreakable, unscratchable Sapphire Glass, and sports a Stainless Steel body with a solid Leather Band that’s able to withstand water depths up to 5atm or 50 meters.

Its flawless design is complemented by swappable Leather or Rubber WristBands, and is styled in Silver or Black for Playboys to style-match their Girl Playas. At US$390, it’s set to drop in US Stores on Saks Fifth Avenue in the Fall of 2014. Britons, hold your horses, you’ll get it early on Bond Street for a cool £320 that won’t break the bank. Aussies can wrangle the style up for around AU$415 at dates to be announced RSVP.

Do you want to know more? Sure you do, Playboy! You’re gonna love this, ma cherie!

 US$390 Withings Activité – Minimalistic Design that schoozes Black Tie Thomas Crowne

Withings Activité is packing an accelerometer as its main claim to fame. That means, in a very basic sense, this is really just a Fitness tracker like the Nike Fuelband SE as mentioned in Caribbean rides the Fitness Craze as Nike Fuelband SE making Apple iPhone users healthier. It’s the same minimalistic design ethos, except that there’s no LCD Display to tell you when you’ve achieved your Fitness goals.

Synchable to your Apple iPhone via Bluetooth LE, it sports a feature available mainly in High-end Men’s Wristwatches; the ability to synch multiple time zones automatically and display them on demand. The Main Dial moves rapidly to show the time zone requested. But here’s the part that’ll blow your mind.

Withings Activité Smartwatch -02

 There’s no power-wasting LCD Screen or any other tech such a built-in kinetic charger to preserve Battery life. Instead, that’s displayed on a Secondary Dial just below the main Hour and Minute hands of the watch. This Secondary Dial displays info on a variety of metrics. All the information relating to your various metrics is displayed via that smaller Secondary Dial just to the right:

Pedometer info i.e. Steps taken when jogging or walking

  • Sleep alarm clock that wakes you at gentles point in your sleep cycle
  • Swimming Strokes

Changing modes is as simple as tapping the Sapphire screen. Like the Wheels within a Wheel, Thomas Crowne Affair Style, the hands of the Secondary Dials turn to adjust and show your Fitness info without losing an inch of style….. even while you’re getting ready to give a speech at any formal Black Tie Event.

Thanks to that bit of thoughtfulness, not only does this Smartwatch remain smart while looking Patek Phillipe or Armani, it also has a Battery life of – get this! – 1 year using regular Wristwatch batteries! No daily ritual USB Charging like a smartphone is required akin to competitors such as the micro USB-laden Martian Notifier and Passport; it’s just a regular visit to your Jeweller, who’ll do it professionally for you while you sit comfortable inside your Bentley or Jaguar, whatever you’re into, like Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl Style.

So you want to be that person, dear reader?

Then step into my Office and take a deep dive into the World of Bond, James Bond and Wristwatches that are Earth-shaken but not Stirred. Wristwatch First with a sparing dash of Fitness Tracker that won’t sacrifice an otherwise impressively stylish Timepiece! Trust me, for US$390, the Withings Activité will go well with your Jet Plane, Islands and Tigers on a Gold Leash, Royals Style!

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