Windows 10 at the end of July 2015 with Edge Browser and Cortana Personal Assistant

“With the Windows 10 launch at the end of July, we’re watching, sort of the impact of that on the back­to­school season,”

AMD Chief Executive Lisa Su during a Conference Call with analysts and investors in April 2015

The secret is out, fans of all things Windows! Based on the above intercepted conversation as quoted by the UK Telegraph, Windows 10 is slated to be launched to the public come Thursday July 29th 2015.

On that fateful day, individuals running genuine copies of Windows can download their free copy of what Microsoft has described as the last-ever version of Windows Operating System.

Whether this means the last downloadable version or that it implies that future Windows versions will be Cloud based, like Google Chrome OS, was not specified. One thing is for sure though; it’ll be available in 190 countries and 111 languages.

Also, it’ll be free to download for users running the following versions of Windows:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1

That’s for PC and Tablet users! Also, you only get a free version similar to what you already have i.e. Windows 7 Home will net you Windows 10 Home or Windows 8.1 Professional will only get you Windows 10 Professional.

Please note there are strings attached; it’s free for only one year. After that one year trial, like everybody else, you’ll have to purchase a copy, which strangely enough comes in seven (7) editions. My sources only have the price for two (2) versions, which I’ll mention here:

  • US$119 for Windows 10 Home
  • US$199 for Windows 10 Professional

If you want to step it up a bit from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Professional, you’ll have to pay US$99 for a Windows 10 Professional Upgrade pack. It’ll have the same name no matter what device it is going to be used on, from smartphones, Tablets, Desktop computers or Laptops.

I should also include as-yet mentioned devices such as the next version of XBox as well as the much anticipated AR (Augmented Reality) Headset, Hololens, but I’m not a believer in counting my chickens before they hatch.

Ok, so what’s new with Windows 10 and what new features can we expect?

Windows 10, the Last of the Microsoft OS – Edge-y New Browser and Cortana is everywhere

Yes folks, Microsoft really has gone overboard this time with seven (7) versions of Windows 10, the most ever for any version of Windows, as listed below:

  • Home
  • Professional
  • Mobile
  • Mobile Enterprise
  • Enterprise
  • IoT
  • Education

The first bit of good news for Windows lovers who had trouble with Windows 8; the Start Button and the Start menu are back, as the XBox tiles theme just wasn’t catchy enough. In fact, I was mostly confused whenever I have to use a Computer with Windows 8, as wasn’t sure if it wanted me to click with a mouse or touch the screen, like a Tablet.

Instead Microsoft has decided to tuck away the large tiles in favour of some smaller ones inside of the Start Menu, making that even more confusing to use. As for smartphones and Tablets, no one is quite sure what Windows 10 will look like, but early leaked screenshots of what I assume will be called Windows 10 Mobile seen in the wild among Developers hint at smaller tiles for smaller fingers.

Also coming back with the Smart Menu is the traditional Desktop from Windows 7 but switchable to a Tablet format in a feature called Continuum. Cortana will be on these new versions of Windows. That suggests that you’ll be able to issue voice commands by saying “Hey Cortana” to have it do searches of your desktop or the Internet or alert you with smartphone notifications as it does on the smartphone and Tablet version.

But possibly the most radical change will be the Browser. No long called Internet Explorer, it’ll be called the Microsoft Edge Browser. That I’ll have to see to believe, as the reports are really nothing more than repeated rumours!

So will all these rumoured changes “wow” long time Windows users, especially those still hanging on to Windows 7? We’ll see when Thursday July 29th 2015 comes around, when all doubts will be laid to rest!!!

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