Wigton’s Renewable Energy Training in Solar Concentrators coming in April 2017

“With more businesses and homeowners opting for solar-powered energy sources, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals who are knowledgeable about solar energy technologies”

Wigton Windfarm’s General Manager Earl Barrett explained the reason for the course.

Wigton Renewable Energy Training Lab is now offering a certificate course in solar thermal technologies. Located in Rose Hill, Manchester, the training courses lasts from April 5-7, 2017.

The course is suitable for the following people in Jamaica who are invited to enrol in the three-day programme:

  • Solar water heater suppliers
  • Solar technicians
  • Energy enthusiasts
  • Educators
  • Energy Engineering students

Registration is currently open until April 4, 2017 and prospective applicants can apply as follows:

  • Visit www.wwfja.com
  • Email Sanja Simmonds at sanja.simmonds@wwfja.com

So what will the course cover that isn’t already being taught in jamaica??

Wigton Renewable Energy Training Lab – Three Days of the Solar Concentrator

Wigton Renewable Energy Training Lab opened in November 2016 and began offering training courses in January this year. They are a state-of-the-art facility which provides theoretical and hands-on training in all areas of renewable energy.

According to Wigton Windfarm’s General Manager Earl Barrett, this is something brand new, quote:The solar thermal technology training course we are offering at the Wigton Renewable energy lab will equip persons to position themselves or their businesses to take advantage of the opportunities that are arising in the growing business of solar technology supply and installation”.

Both the lab and Wigton Windfarm Limited are run by the PCJ Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica. the PCJ is a statutory corporation established to support of the National Energy Policy and Vision 2030, the National Development Plan by developing and promoting Jamaica’s energy resources.

According to Wigton, the course will cover:

  • Thorough overview of solar thermal technology
  • Measurement and distribution of solar radiation
  • Solar collectors
  • Design, configuration and installation of solar thermal systems

In short, not your traditional photovoltaics, but systems that concentrate sunlight and convert the heat energy into electricity. The curriculum will include:

  • Classroom
  • Lab sessions

It’ll be delivered by by the instructors

  • Sameer Simms
  • Christene Campbell
  • Trevor Bennett

All these instructors were trained by Renewables Academy, a leading international provider of energy training headquartered in Berlin, Germany. So sign up now and expect three (3) days of instruction covering Solar concentrator Technology, which is little utilized in Jamaica.

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