Why the Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 is a great Tablet for your kids

The US$144 (JA$16,795) to US$154 (JA$18,000) Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 is an interesting 7” Tablet indeed from TCL Corporation.

Launched way back at CES (Computer Electronics Show) 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada, the Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 has been having as hard time finding a home in the US of A, as it has not sold well, despite being a Tablet that sports 4G LTE!

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The Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 runs Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and comes with an optional magnetic cover attached to a backplate in various colours:

  • Yellow
  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Blue

Changing the backpanel and magnetic covers is quite easy and efficient. It’s a bit heavier and the microSD and SIM-card slots are inaccessible. However, they’ll be protected from grit and keep your microSD card safe.

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You also get the following accessories:

  • USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • microUSB 2.0 Wall Charger

Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 has dimensions of 192 x 113 x 8.9 mm (7.56 x 4.45 x 0.35 in) and weighs in at 285 g (10.05 oz). It’s far heavier than the 4.5” Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 Mini as described in Alcatel OneTouch Idol 2 Mini is a Cloudy Full White Hot Pink Slate which weighs in at 110 g (3.88 oz) and costs US$200.

At this weight, it’s not suitable for long, single handed toting in one hand. But children with short attention spans will love this Tablet, as it’ll be the world to them.

Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 – Kid-friendly screen with Training Wheels Camera  

The 7″ Tablet that runs Google Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is barely HD has a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) screen with a resolution of 1,024×600 and 170 ppi pixel density. It does not support IPS (In-plane switching) screen like its bigger sister, the 8″ Alcatel OneTouch POP 8, so don’t expect super bright 16M colors or even the ability to view the screen from any angle.

Geezam - Why the Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 is Straight out of Kindergartden - 11-08-2015 LHDEER (2)

This might be a good thing, depending on who you are. The Tablet’s 1.3GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A7 housed on a Mediatek MT8312 Chipset with graphics support being provided by a Mali-400 GPU.

The 1 GB RAM suffices to render basic games that children will love playing like Candy Crush Saga, Rovio’s Juice Cubes or even Threes to their delight.

The 4GB of Internal Memory is expandable by 32GB with an External MicroSD Memory Card and is capable of storing a fair amount of Video Games.

The 2 Megapixel Rear-facing Camera is capable of capturing images with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels which maxes out the screen which can only manage 1,024×600. It shoots great 720p video and its VGA Front-facing camera can at least do selfies and some basic Skype Video Calling.

Dear reader, this Tablet was made for Kindergarten!

Conclusion on Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 – Kid-friendly Educational Tablet

The Alcatel OneTouch POP 7 is basically a US$60 Alcatel OneTouch Pop C2 as described in Why the Alcatel OneTouch Pop C2 will start the Dual-SIM revolution  that ate too much food.

The low resolution screen suffers due to the lack of IFS. This makes the screen blurry to the naked eye and a poor e-book Reader making books unreadable.

Videos are pixilated and still photos in the default Photo Viewer have from poor image quality. Colours are rendered very well, with whites showing a slight tinge of blue and cyan and magenta not seen on higher-end Tablets.

The Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n option means Music streaming is possibly after your Digicel Zero Data Plan runs out. I’d recommend getting the free professional version of Google Earth as it’ll turn this Tablet into an educational toy.

A standard 3.5mm jack and Bluetooth pairing gives you the choice of what types of MP3, AAC+, WAV and WM files to MP4/H.264 videos you want to jam to while wearing those fashionable headphones. A pair of Philips Fidelio L2 headphones or Master & Dynamic MH40 Headphones will make your Tablet even more irresistible to your kids.

Sadly, playing all that music and videos will run down the 3240 mAh Li-Ion battery which only gives you 300 h on 2G and 70 h on 3G seems to reinforce this conclusion.

So in concluding, this is more for individuals seeking training wheels to give to their children as an introduction to the Internet and Apps. It’s got WiFi and a 4G LTE Option, making this a great Tablet for your kids, giving them loads of endless fun.

Here’s the link:

Alcatel OneTouch POP 7

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