Why Technology Companies are Seeking Engineers

If you read my article Google voted Best American Employer of 2015, you’d have realized that Google was voted America’s technology sector employer. This ringing endorsement comes to thanks to a poll conducted by analyst Statista on behalf of Financial Magazine Forbes.

But aside from the perks and niceties, what about the Salaries? Is Engineering the best field to study in a College or University abroad? Turns out the answer to those questions is a bit more complicated and is best explained by even more surveys.

Job Resources in the US of A – Indeed there is a Technology Hiring spree afoot

There are many others that Jamaican graduates from Colleges in the US of A can tap into to find work in that country:

In Florida:

In New York:

And of course elsewhere in the US of A:

The dream salary in the US of A for anyone working in the Technology sector is US$60,000 per year or roughly JA$6,870,000.00 per year. This based on the hiring spread for jobs listed on the website Indeed.com by some of the top technology Companies in the Land of the Free and the Brave:

  1. Lockheed Martin – 1,938 jobs
  2. Amazon Corporate LLC – 1,905 jobs
  3. Diverse Lynx – 1,617 jobs
  4. Northrop Grumman – 1,571 jobs
  5. IBM – 1,169 jobs
  6. General Dynamics – IT – 1,154 jobs
  7. Oracle – 942 jobs
  8. JCPenney – 896 jobs
  9. Leidos – 895 jobs
  10. BNY Mellon – 869 jobs
  11. HP – 849 jobs
  12. Dell – 835 jobs
  13. Booz Allen Hamilton – 826 jobs
  14. Transmosis – 792 jobs
  15. Apple – 787 jobs
  16. Technosoft Corporation – 785 jobs
  17. Raytheon – 779 jobs
  18. PwC – 741 jobs
  19. CACI International Inc. – 703 jobs
  20. JPMorgan Chase – 698 jobs
  21. National Guard – 687 jobs
  22. Cisco Systems, Inc. – 662 jobs
  23. UnitedHealth Group – 624 jobs
  24. Computer Sciences Corporation – 605 jobs
  25. CHICO’S FAS, INC. – 573 jobs

Clearly there’s a hiring spree going on within the US of A as Indeed Chief Economist Tara Sinclair points out, quote: “Each and every one of these businesses – whatever their sector – is looking for tech talent, albeit on a smaller scale than we see from the names on this list. The good news is that based on research at Indeed we are seeing growing interest in tech roles from a wider range of candidates, but a gap still remains to be filled.”

And this is just one jobs website in the US of A that Forbes Magazine consulted.

Engineering is a Hot Degree – Why Technology Companies what Engineers and what they’re seeking

So as a Jamaican in a College in the US of A, what Degree should one pursue when going to a University abroad?

According to the latest survey from NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania based non-profit organization that routinely tracks college placement offices and who employers are seeking, the College Degree they’re seeking the most is Engineering.

NACE conduct their survey from Monday February 9th 2015 to Monday March 23rd, 2015 among some one hundred and sixty two (162) companies from agriculture to energy to retail. It includes some heavy hitters such as American Express, Exxon Mobil, Merck, Procter & Gamble and United Airlines.

And as you can see from the chart below, the stats are quite telling.

eezam - US Engineering Jobs for Jamaican and Why Technology Companies are Seeking Engineers  - 19-04-2015 LHDEER (2)

Summarizing the chart and it doesn’t look good for the Humanities and Social Science peeps:

  1. 72% of companies want Engineering Degrees
  2. 68% of companies want business majors
  3. 58% of companies want computer science majors
  4. 11% of companies want humanities
  5. 10% of companies want social sciences majors

There were also certain skill that they all sought in these graduates, rated of course on NACE’s five point scale.

eezam - US Engineering Jobs for Jamaican and Why Technology Companies are Seeking Engineers  - 19-04-2015 LHDEER (1)

Clearly Problem solving and Critical Thinking skills, Teamwork, Professionalism/Work Ethic and Oral/Written Communications Skills rate very highly on their list of desire traits that they wish Graduates to have.

With all the evidence presented here today, it’s clear that being a Doctor or Lawyer isn’t the way to go as argued in my article Engineering Degrees are among the Top Earning Degrees in the USA for Jamaican College Students.

Engineering still comes out on top as not only one of the highest paid jobs for Degree holders but also the most desired field by the Technology Industry in the United States of America.

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