Digicel DL910 revealed in Merry Millions Promotion

“Receiving cash is on the ultimate Christmas wish list for most Jamaicans this season, so we’re making sure that every Digicel customer gets at least six chances to take home one million dollars. We’re very happy to be able to reward our customers this festive season, and because life is full of surprises, we urge customers to look out for more exciting developments with this promotion.”

Director of Distribution and Retail at Digicel, Michelle Anderson commenting on the Digicel Merry Millions Promotions

Digicel, it seems, is playing a clever shell game with their customers.

Since Thursday November 19th 2015, Digicel has launched a promotion called Digicel Merry Millions Promotions. Folks, queue the Video from Digicel’s YouTube Channel!

The idea is that each week, 42,000 of Digicel’s customers have a chance to win something from a very large JA$20 million Prize pool:

  • J$1M in cash plus free data for life
  • Free credit
  • Free data plans
  • Free smartphones

Along with spreading the Christmas cheer via more tech gadgets, they also have some surprises in store to quote Director of Distribution and Retail at  Digicel, Michelle Anderson: “In addition to the cash and prizes that customers will have a chance to win this Christmas, we’re going to continue delivering on our promise to deliver best value to customers all across Jamaica, with a number of great deals on handsets and other products during the holiday season”.

How Digicel DL910 revealed during Merry Millions promotion means JA$1,999 DL800 and DL900 coming

The promotion, which runs until Thursday December 31st 2015, has very simple entry requirements:

  • Top up with JA$200 or more
  • Activate a two-day data plan or higher
  • Talk for ten minutes or more on their postpaid phone
  • Pay their 4G Broadband bill on time and in full

But what was interesting was what happened on Smile Jamaica on Friday November 20th 2015 when Digicel launched the Merry Millions Promotions.

Digicel launches DL910 on Digicel Merry Millions promotion – Wheel of Fortune mean Deals on DL900 and DL800 coming by December 2015

Before they’d launched the promotion, Digicel ran a Social Media competition to choose persons to go on to the next round of the game. Based on their participation in the pre-promotion Social Media Game, the following winners were chosen:

  • Chevanie Rose from her entry on Instagram
  • Damarley Laing from his entry on Facebook
  • Simone-Claire Campbell from his entry on Twitter

The three appeared on Smile Jamaica in a Wheel of Fortune-inspired game where they spun a Digicel ‘Merry Millions’ wheel to see if they could win any of the Digicel sponsored prizes.

Eventually Chevanie Rose won a DL910 smartphone and the top cash prize with Damarley Laing won the Huawei Media Pad and free data for a year while Simone-Claire Campbell won JA$5000 cash and a DL910 smartphone.

Yes folks, you read that right!! Dicicel has a new smartphone out, the DL910!!! I’m just as surprised as Donmar @GullyFaEver on Twitter, so far the only Jamaican since who on Friday November 20th 2015 at 9:12 AM noticed that Digicel had launched a new smartphone.

Haven’t seen it in the flesh as yet, muchless to confirm what OEM Digicel or more detailed specs, except for this picture from the Digicel Bermuda shop.

How Digicel DL910 revealed during Merry Millions promotion means JA$1,999 DL800 and DL900 coming (2)

But what’s known so far based on the Fimi Wireless website, the peeps that run the store in New Kingston and the Digicel Bermuda shop hints at a 5” Google Android Lollipop 5.0 smartphone with the following listed features:

  • Tri Band
  • Android OS, Lollipop 5.0
  • 8 MP Camera
  • FM Radio
  • WiFi
  • Talk Time up to 6 hrs

Priced at JA$10,950.00 plus GCT, it’s already on sale in Bermuda on Digicel Bermuda’s website with a free promotion being offered to for free if you buy a best value smartphone plan in that country.

Clearly the DL810 and the DL1000 as mentioned during the launch of the Digicel AppSeeker as noted in Digicel launches AppSeeker on DL810 and DL1000 and MyDigicel on Apple iTunes Store might be coming soon in a launch sometime in December 2015 or even this week.

These model numbers, most likely rebranded OEM (Original Equiptment Manufacturer) smartphones, are in keeping with Digicel’s strategy of a yearly upgrade to their smartphone line-up, my sources on social media have told me.

They also tell me that there may possibly be deeps discounts as low as JA$1,999 for the DL800 and DL900, according to my sources as Digicel tries to out-do FLOW Jamaica.

This seems to make sense, as it is the same thing they’d done with the DL700, upping to the DL800 and the DL9000 in the First week of Christmas 2014 as noted in my ditty Digicel launches DL800 aka ZTE Kis 3 Max Second after Digicel DL900 on Christmas 2014.

Stay tuned to the Geezam blog, as if the DL810, DL910 and DL1000 ,which are yet to appear on Digicel’s website, are truly upgrades to these previous models, we may see some massive price drops as Digicel tries to spread some Merry Millions this Christmas.

Digicel DL910 on the FIMI Wireless Website

Digicel DL910 on the Bermuda shop

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