WhatsApp’s new Double Blue Checkmarks proves controversial

WhatsApp recently undated its super popular messaging app to include a feature that lets users know when their message is read. I have coined it the “Blue Tick” controversy as social media and water-coolers worldwide have exploded with discussion about the new update and what it means.


Some have welcomed the update stating that saying that the previous system of one grey tick to show the message has been sent and another to show the message was delivered to the recipients device was not enough. Now when the both checkmarks turn blue message senders will know for sure that the message has been eyeballed by the recipient. That is where the vocal opposition comes in as many argue that actually letting the sender know you have read the message is anywhere from stressful to an invasion of privacy!



Some will know that the double blue ticks has actually been around for a while now but only applied to voice notes before the big change to ALL messages.

What are your thoughts on the blue checkmark controversy? Has the stresses of a modern interconnected life where you are expected to stay plugged into the matrix usually via your cellphone become too much? Are people overreacting? Is Facebook fiddling with its newly acquired service? Or should we all migrate en mass to a competing messaging service?

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