WhatsApp popularity fading as BBM’s the most downloaded IM App on iOS

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WhatsApp getting beating by BBM Messenger

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Yes folks, it’s really true as the news says above: BBM is hot, according to Forbes Magazine’s writer Tero Kuittinen. Jog your memory a bit folks; Blackberry is now no more as the very popular mobile devices has ridden off into the sunset on Tuesday November 5th 2013. It’s exactly as if I’d scripted it myself in the article Blackberry sold to Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited as BBM goes free. I declare I MUST be a prophet!

But BBM was set free before the walk the Earth on other smartphone platforms as Blackberry’s smartphones failing to catch the market on fire and their walls came crashing down, Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Style. The App’s now popping tags on Android and iOS noted in Free Blackberry Messenger App coming to Android and iOS.

According to analyst Distimo‘s latest new messaging App survey, Blackberry is not only beating WhatsApp in traditional markets like UK and Britain on iOS Platform, but they’ve gained a decidedly uncomfortable advantage among smartphone-toting Millennial (ages 18 to 28) customers in the US of A as well. Trust me folks, the graph does not lie and still has me in shock as I type this, even though I’d predicted it’s rise…just not so quickly!

BBM beats Whatsapp

This provides evidence of the love for the BBM IM (Instant Messenger)Platform as the clear reason why many Americans and even Jamaicans swear by their Blackberry. After all, it’s now US$1 to use their [WhatsApp] service, meaning it isn’t absolutely free. I’d like to see the stats in another three (3) to six (6) months time to see if the usage of the BBM App stacks up to those of WhatsApp as noted in How to use WhatsApp on your Computer. Ditto too the stats on the Google Android Platform!

But with BBM now posting these amazing stats and poised for greatness, killing WhatsApp exactly as I’d predicted, are we now seeing early signs of the fading glory of WhatsApp? Only the Stats can tell the Tale of the Phoenix Called Blackberry Messenger as Jamaicans now have more reason to hold on to their Blackberry as they’ll be more “in crowd” peeps among the “smart crowd” banging away distractedly on their smartphones to message their friends!

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