What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is provided by a web hosting service, this service allows organizations and individuals to have their websites accessible on the internet or World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide their clients with space on their various types of servers so that the information stored on a website can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time of day.

web hosting

Types of Web Hosting

  • Free Hosting – free hosts provide clients with a limited amount of web space, bandwidth and features. Most free hosts will show banners, pop ups and other kinds on advertising on the website hosted for free.
  • Shared Hosting – multiple websites are hosted one one single web server and share the resources of that server such as CPU, disk space and RAM.
  • Dedicated Host – Clients are given full control over their sever and has all administrative and root access rights. They can install, uninstall and customize their server to their needs and clients are responsible for the security and maintenance of his/her own server.
  • Virtual Dedicated Host – one server is virtually “split” into multiple servers but unlike shared hosting each owner of a virtual space is given full access rights over than space and can use it however they please.

With hosting so cheap and accessible now is the perfect time to start a website for your business, a personal blog, a website for your community organization or even a website for your adorable and totally unique pet.

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