Geezam APPetite: Viber For The iPhone

Feed Your APPetite!

Welcome to a new kind of web series that can’t quite give you a full stomach but it should at least keep you hungry and coming for more!

Geezam is happy to introduce APPetite. Once or twice every month, we here at will bring you an extensive review of our favourite Apps. Apple (Ha! Apple), Android (Ha! Froyo/Ginderbread/Honeycomb), Blackberry and hopefully in the future; Windows Phone 7, Mango.

Are you hungry as yet? For I sure am!

On to the good stuff!

What is Viber?

Our first candidate up for serving on the plates of you hungry rascals is Viber for the iPhone. (Android, iPod Touch and iPad support coming soon)

Viber is an iPhone application that let you make free phone calls and send free text messages to other iPhone users that have Viber installed.


Viber is available for FREE to download in the App Store. If you’re familiar (which I’m assuming you should be) with the workings of the App Store you can go right a head and grab it. Otherwise, just do a search for “Viber” as you would with any other App.

Don’t have an Apple ID or does your Apple ID come up short with some searches? Defy The Gods!

Viber is very easy to setup and use. So simple in fact that a five(5) year old could possibly do it for you. Instructions are straight forward and to the point.












Viber will ask for access to your phones address book. Don’t panic, accept it. This serves its purpose.

If a contact in your phone’s address book dowloads Viber and registers with the number you have listed in your contacts list, the user is automatically added to your Viber contacts.

You’ll be asked to enter your phone number in order for Viber to send you an activation code for your new account.

There is a wide selection of country area codes and I mean a very wide selection. So not to worry, Viber should have you covered regardless of your geographic location. In my case, I selected Jamaica.

In order for you to receive your activation code, please bare in mind that the phone number you use has to be an active carrier account.

After entering your activation code, you can then filter your contacts by categories of All, Favourites or Viber Contacts. All contacts shows everything stored in your address book, and Viber and Favourites are self explanatory

Inserted your number but still haven’t received your activation code?

The developers for Viber did a really great job with fixing that for you. Hit the “No Code?”option and you’ll be redirected to their support page where you can verify your number, make any changes where necessary and request for the code to be sent again. The difference is this time around an automated phone call will be placed to your mobile with your code.

Be sure to have a pen and a piece of paper at your disposal.












Let the Vibe Begin!

Now that setup woes are over, its time to begin the Vibing, Vibe, Vibes….Vibrating? (Don’t quote me on any of these). You can now go ahead and make free calls or send messages to other Viber users.

I’m addicted to the messaging and the sheer speed that the messages go through, I mean, the thing just flies in milliseconds. You won’t be able to send rich media such as photos, videos etc but that’s the small price you pay for a completely free app. (no ads, no subscription fee, no nothing…whoa)












What’s the call quality like you ask?

Excellent, over Wifi. 3G tends to be a little choppy but maybe it has something to do with the network I’m on for as some of you may know, not all carriers support VOiP services. Carriers have their means to lock this type of thing down but don’t take my word for it, I may be very much wrong.

I was able to hear everything on the receivers end, words came out crystal clear. For an even better understanding, think being able to hear someone inhale before each sentence or word; clear.

Viber also gives you the option of tweeting about it, invite friends to join the Viber movement, share your experience on Facebook and if you are not completely satisfied with it, you can always deactivate your account!












Viber is also available for the Android in beta. Of course, just like their App, its free to sign up for the Android Beta App.

Head on over to to sign up for your free Android Beta.

Viber for the iPhone is available for download in the App Store [download link]

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  • Hi,
    This is a member of the Viber Development Team!
    Thank you for your review of Viber. We are very happy to see that so many people worldwide are interested in our application.

    I’d like to point out that the beta project of Viber for Android is at its final stages, and so we expect the official version to be hopefully released soon!

    If anyone has any questions/suggestions for Viber, please feel free to write, and I will address them shortly.

  • Himiona

    Hi thanks for APPitite. Great idea(-:
    Q- does Viber or other similar voip apps use data? I always believe nothing is free. How does it work and shouldn’t phone companies be worried?

    Many thanks from Aotearoa ( New Zealand)

  • Viber uses data like any other application that works over the internet.
    If you use Viber on WiFi, then naturally it’s completely free. If you use it on 3G, you might be charged by your cellular company in accordance with your cellular data plan (this is up to them, we have nothing to do with it).

    So why is Viber free?
    For now, Viber’s focus is on adding platforms, adding features (such as text messages) and improving overall system performance. At the same time, we are working on additional future premium services that will generate revenues. The basic Viber service – Viber to Viber phone calls and text messages – will ALWAYS be free.

    We send our regards to all of our New Zealand users!

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