US$280 Casio G-Steel Line is Water Resistant Solar Powered Christmas goodness

Casio’s G-Shock watch was all the rage on the Geezam blog when Senior Editor Kelroy did his article about the Casio G-Shock watch getting Bluetooth  as per the nostalgia in Meet the new Bluetooth enabled G-SHOCK watch.

Since then G-Shock has stepped up their game and have gone into Luxury wristwatches, launching two (2) new lines of US$1000 wristwatches:

  • MT-G
  • MR-G

If you really want to step up your game, there is now the new top-end MR-G GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid Basel Special Limited Edition MRGG1000RT- 1A. It’s made from Titanium 64 which contains 90% Titanium, 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium making it super strong and super expensive at US$6000.

So now that Casio has gone up market, where is the slice of G-Shock heaven for the regular working man?

Casio G-Steel line – 200m Water Resistant that recharges in the Great Outdoors

Interestingly, despite the coming of the Apple Watch, Casio has stayed true to their shock resistant mantra, avoiding the hype of the smartwatch crowd. Apple is set to dominate with the Apple Watch, their most successful product launch to date as the stats suggest in Apple Watch is Apple’s Biggest Product Launch in History.

Instead, they’ve recently rolled out the new G-Steel line at a lower price point for true hardcore fans of their wristwatches.

Geezam - US$280 Casio G-Steel Line is Water Resistant Solar Powered Christmas goodness - 11-09-2015 LHDEER (2)

Starting at US$280, these are meant for the regular wristwatch owner who likes the feel of metal on their skin without having to remove a kidney to pay for a slice of luxury. These type of wristwatches are all mechanical deals and sell without appointments interlaced with hand touching as Apple had done to sell the Apple Watch as noted in Apple’s Appointment hands-on Approach is why Apple Watch succeeded.

This is really a wristwatch for the true hardcore fans, the everyman, the working class; rugged Stainless Steel body with bands made of resin, which like it or not is as natural as rubber or even leather.

It’s no softie as the G-Steel line is still shock resistant (like duh!) and can take a serious dive to 200M and still stay water resistant. Did I forget to mention that they’re also solar powered?

Geezam - US$280 Casio G-Steel Line is Water Resistant Solar Powered Christmas goodness - 11-09-2015 LHDEER

So unless you’re not the outdoors type, your G-Steel line G-Shock wristwatch won’t need batteries, so long as you take periodic jaunts outside.

The Casio G-Steel line is a bargain at US$280 this Christmas 2015. Its solar-powered mechanicals innards will also give you a reason to go outside in the sunshine and watch the girls in the park Whip and Nae, Nae, Silento Style!

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