US$249 Pebble Steel rocks James Bond Playboy joie de vivre on your Wrist

I’ve a confession to make; I like Martian’s Pebble smartwatch as I’d Play it everywhere I go, Zedenya style. Albeit a wristwatch nut, I’m not so crazy about smartwatches, especially when they try to conjure up images lifted out of some comic book as per my scathing critique of the Samsung Galaxy Gear in Samsung Gear Smartwatch is too Dick Tracey and not Simple enough to want you to Rock the Future on your Wrist.

Enter the Pebble Steel. Mind. Blow. Totally Blown by its awesome Playboy design and Executive finish.


I like the futuristic look; not so cool on nerdy or pointless interfaces encased in cheap plastic that can only be worn at a ComiCon Convention. You feel me, dear Reader!? It’s gotta fit my style man, swag with my flow and play nice with my alligator boots and by Blue Suede Leather Jacket.

The U$149 Pebble Smartwatch does that for me. It’s upgraded cousin, the Pebble Steel that cruises into the Luxury Men’s Smartwatch section at a decent US$249, makes me feel like I can just walk up to a girl and say “My name is Bond…..James Bond” and have her really believe I’m that guy. Its design is well fitted with a scratch resistant Gorilla Glass that oozes sexiness in its all-metal matte black or brushed stainless steel design, as any normal wristwatch should.

It’s also a classy number, costing an extra US$100 with a few tricks up its sleeve, such as a dedicated App Store …..albeit black and white Apps aren’t my style…..and an updatable clock face. Sporting a Classic Analog Display by default belies its intelligence, supplying the wearer with alerts from their Apple iPhone or Android smartphone via Bluetooth. Even when off the tether, it still manages to work well, something other smartwatches have stumbled and failed to do.

Pebble Steel is James Bond’s Watch – If Tomorrow Never Dies for the Man with the Golden Gun

So what’s new with the Pebble Steel smartwatch besides Gorilla Glass and all-metallic step up into Luxury Class? The original, costing US$149 was already a great smartwatch, albeit sporting a plastic design, as it played well with water. It was an overall smart looking keepsake that could thrive even without Bluetooth connectivity to its tethered smartphone partner. And it looks good on your arm, which would soon be occupied with femme fetales wanting to see your timepiece.

The upgrade’s got a few new tricks that are worth the US$100 price increase in my eyes. A shade of an ounce heavier, it the same size as the original Pebble but with a more wholesome feel. Same internal specs but not aside from being waterproof, it able to withstand 5 atm of pressure! Great for at least 200m underwater if you’re into snorkeling or Scuba diving…or if your that kinda dude that doesn’t like worrying about having to take off your wristwatch in case it gets wet while washing your hands.

It sports a brighter, more vivid and crisper e-ink-esque LCD Screen readable from any angle in the sunlight. The Gorilla Glass helps to keep the sun out of my eyes, a rather thoughtful design note from Martian. It’s got a cool night-time feature too; shake it and it lights up for great night reading, if you’re not into fumbling for the backlight Button. Another noteworthy design coupe that is an extra notch on the Pebble belt is that its display is always on, unlike the Samsung galaxy Gear, which had to take a time out to conserve its already poor battery life.

The App Store is interesting. Accessible on both Apple iOS and Android smartphones, it takes mere seconds to pick a decent App from the almost 200+ App Store and upload it via Bluetooth. Got a really cool James Bond like feature for loading the App to your smartphone; an App Locker.

Once downloaded from the Pebble App Store, the Pebble App on your smartphone acts like a locker, keeping your Apps on tap, literally, as that all it takes to add and remove them. Sync via Bluetooth and be spellbound by the progress bar as the App loads to your Pebble Steel. Here a plus; the older Pebble works with the App Store, a bit forward thinking by the guys at Martian.

Most of the Apps fall into the following categories that makes you appreciates more the difference having a dedicated App Store for the Pebble Steel makes:

  • Appointment and To-do List Apps

  • Calendars Apps

  • Fitness Apps for sleeping and outdoor athletic activity e.g. running, cycling

  • FourSquare App

  • GoPro Camera App, and

  • Home Automation Apps e.g. control lights,

  • IM (Instant Messenger) Apps

  • Mini Games

  • Nest thermostat App

  • Sports Update Apps e.g. ESPN

  • Text Reader Apps

  • TV Remotes Apps to control your TV

  • Yelp App

James Bond joie de vivre on your Wrist – Playboy Mansion for the Bunny Hop

Despite having a longer battery life than competitors like the Samsung Galaxy Gear, it still doesn’t have inductive charging. Still, magnetics are in, with the charging port being magnetically connected for hassle-free infrequent re-charging. The three coloured LED charging is also a great touch, albeit it seems out of place with the finesse of the Pebble Steel metallic aesthetic.

The Pebble Steel new all-metal matte black or brushed stainless steel design justified its step-up in the Men’s Luxury section. 200+ apps make the price seem worthwhile and the easy way you can swap Apps back and forth makes it more functional and less of a hassle for the wearer toting his smartphone. Too bad, though the memory’s so small, as it can only pack in eight of those Apps at any given time. Also for those Dick Tracey fans, this is not a smartphone wristwatch; so no microphone, speaker, touch screen, or color display.

Still, at least you can use it to open your Lexus and house doors when you carry her home for the night. And it won’t stop ticking when you pop the champagne and it gets all over your hands ….and her dress. Playboy Mansion creds too for this wrist watch shake-and-light feature makes it easy to slip away when the tryst is over and morning comes to bid her adieu.

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