US$199 PowerUp FPV Kickstarter coming to make Virtual Reality Paper Plane


Remember the PowerUp Module that turns any paper plane into a flying drone as per my ditty US$40 PowerUp 3.0 Module that makes you a Paper Plane Top Gun?

Well your kids, who may be pining away for a drone will love the PowerUp FPV, can finally get an improved version of the one you had last Christmas 2013!

US$199 PowerUp FPV Kickstarter coming to make Virtual Reality Paper Plane

Billed as the first and only first-person view paper airplane drone in the world, the PowerUp FPV will give them their first taste of flying while saving you US$1000 on a professional drone with 4K Video steaming and hours of flying fun.

Not to mention keep ‘em occupied giving the poor cats nightmares by chasing them around the yard with this flying menace.

PowerUp FPV – Virtual Reality meets Paper plane Drone

The Israeli toy company PowerUp Toys has teamed up with Parrot, makers of some very amazing Parrot AV Drones to revamp their design.

The PowerUp FPV aside from including an electric dual-motor with Bluetooth connectivity and a small 550mAh removable Lithium Polymer cell battery, also incorporates the latest trend of VR (Virtual Reality) that set to take the video Game world by storm in 2016.

US$199 PowerUp FPV Kickstarter coming to make Virtual Reality Paper Plane (1)

It also supports FPV (First Persons Viewing) Video stream and capture up to 30FPS streamable over the MIMO Antenna that supports 2.5 and 5Ghz Wi-Fi, making it possible for you to not only control the Drone out of sight using the FPV but also to have your friends join you for the ride on their smartphones.

They’ve also rolled out a Kickstarter for the PowerUp FPV that allows you to strap on Google Cardboard to allow you to fly your drone by merely tilting your head. The kickstarter for the PowerUp FPV will start on Tuesday November 10th 2015, which means you won’t get the PowerUp FPV shipped until August 2016, in time for back to school!

The range is very small, only 300m and you can only fly for about 10 minutes. Still, if you have the Google Cardboard VR, you now have another way to experience flying other than tilting your smartphone and looking up to see if you’ve crashed it into a utility poll, or worse, you boss’s cubicle at work.

US$199 PowerUp FPV Kickstarter coming to make Virtual Reality Paper Plane (2)

The Cardboard VR not only makes flying the PowerUp FPV more realistic, but you get a cool view that looks like the controls from the cockpit of a fighter jet, all for US$199 on Kickstarter.

So yes, you can really go Top Gun at your next Christmas Office party……..before you package it to give you kids to terrorize the cats in your back yard!

Folks, keep your eyes peeled and on the lookout for the US$199 PowerUp FPV on kickstarter!!

Here’s the link

Power Up Toys Website

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