Unlocking your N97 mini’s true potential

I also changed the default font to an iPhone font:

For theme and to fit with the new look I used Horizon Black by Dhanusaud, you can get it here.

Horizon Black homescreen and dialpad on N97 mini:

Now for the instructions on how to flash:

  1. Make sure your phone is fully charged
  2. Download JAF here
  3. Download Jaf PKey emulator
  4. Download Navifirm
  5. Download Kalel17 custom firmware
  6. Download JAF ini file
  7. Download your firmware with Navifirm by clicking on your phone model and the product code u desire
  8. Once your firmware is downloaded download and extract Kalel17.zip
  9. Replace the ROFS2 and ROFS3 files in your firmware with the ones provided(rename the ones in the Kalel17.zip file to the name of the ones you downloaded with navifirm).
  10. Install JAF
  11. extract JAF ini to c:\program files\odeon\JAF and replace where necessary
  12. Move your firmware files to(create folder if does not exist) C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-555
  13. Extract JAF PKey emulator to desktop
  14. Open the PKey emulator then click “go”, JAF should open with an error about box, click on ok
  15. Click on BB5 tab then tick dead usb and manual flash, untick CRT 308
  16. Tick “use ini” and wait for the box with different nokia models to pop up, select your N97 mini RM number(Rm-555 in my instance), your firmware files should now be detected.
  17. Now turn your phone off, remove the battery and plug the usb cable into the phone, click flash and click ok if you get a warning about downgrading. Insert the battery when JAF ask for you to power phone on, replace battery cover and wait for flash to complete.
  18. After flash format your N97 mini by pressing and holding shift, space and backspace while turning the phone on.

Note: use the back USB ports on your desktop if you get an error about JAF not finding phone.

So there you have it, you have installed your custom firmware.

If you have any queries or questions just post in the comments and I will respond.

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