Unlocking your N97 mini’s true potential

One of the problems I had with the N97 mini’s UI is the size of the icons- they are too large.  Large is not necessarily bad for a touchscreen, thats unless the icons size do more harm than good i.e. take up more space than necessary. So to fix this issue I modified my icon size, here are the screenshots:

After modifying the icon size I went on to add transitions. The nokia N97 mini by default lacked any menu transitions(except a few barely noticeable transitions in popup windows) mainly because of performance issues nokia had with them in earlier firmwares. I decided to use Atlantis by dscobsct in my custom firmware, here is it in action (please excuse the video quality, just look at the transition):

Transitions are surprisingly smooth and fast on the hardware, a processor at 434mhz and just 128mb ram.

My base firmware is one specially done for speed by ivo777, you can get it here (you need to register):

Because I used ivo777 as the base I had more ram than normal at startup- 55mb in fact, 10mb more than the usual 45mb.

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