Twitter’s Special FIFA World Cup Page

Twitter’s has unveiled a new FIFA World Cup page that allows fans of the World Cup to stay connected to action using the micro-blogging service. The page located at made from live widgets, the Top Tweets algorithm, and real-time search put together on one page.

Twitter users can easily click on the flag of a team to see the date and times of each of that team’s matches, their opponents and to follow live tweets happening all over the world related to that match. There are also special flags and icons for each of the 32 teams participating at the tournament being held in South Africa that can be used by adding special hastags to tweets like #worldcup, #Arg,  #Eng, #Rsa and many more. These special images are only viewable using Twitter’s web interface however.

It’s good to see Twitter which has been labeled as the “water cooler of the web” using it’s service to enhance a worldwide event. Speaking of Twitter please remember to follow the official Geezam Tech Blog Twitter page at

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