TVJ and FLOW Partner for a 24-Hour FIFA World Cup Channel

“This is a partnership in the truest form as we will be using our platforms to expand the reach and viewership of this highly anticipated football event that will, no doubt, capture the imagination of all Jamaicans throughout the four-week tournament. Together, we will show more football in more areas of Jamaica than was ever previously possible”

Vice President of marketing at Flow, Carlo Redwood, commenting on the launch of the TVJ 24-Hour FIFA World Cup Channel

Football aficionados, you’re gonna love this and wish you had FLOW Cable Internet at home!!

Flow and TVJ have partnered to launch a 24-hour channel for the 2018 FIFA World cup. Best of all, the TVJ 24-hour World Cup Channel will be available to all subscribers at no additional cost.

Located on channel 111, the TVJ 24-Hour FIFA World Cup Channel will be launched on both Flow’s Evo and legacy platforms on June 14. Their planned partnership was announced during a live launch event hosted at Mandela Park in Kingston on Friday, May 18.

So what will be able to watch on this 24-hour Football channel, which is basically a dream fit for any true football fan?

TVJ and FLOW Partner – 24-Hour FIFA World Cup Channel a dream for True aficionados

The offering is quite a treat for football fans:

  • Live and delayed games
  • TVJ’s world-class analysis
  • TVJ’s pre and post-game shows

Yes, you heard that right; this is a 24-hour channel for all things football, basically a man’s dream as pointed out by Vice President of marketing at Flow, Carlo Redwood, quote: “We will have continuous replays of all feature games immediately following its initial showing on TVJ and concurrent games live on the new channel for the duration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup”.

Flow will also be launching its new TV bundles. These bundles will offer significant value to customers across three lines of service. All coincidentally in time for “the greatest show on Earth” in Russia starting June 14 and ending 15 July 2018.

TVJ 24-Hour FIFA World Cup Channel – TVJSN’s and the Greatest Advertising Show on Earth

TVJ, who are the exclusive broadcasters of the World Cup in Jamaica, welcome this move.

General manager of TVJ, Claire Grant, seemingly not worried that it would compete with TVJSN, quote: “We believe that this additional platform will certainly enhance the viewing experience for World Cup lovers. This channel will flank the premium brand and the nation’s station TVJ on one side, with the on the other side delivering more sports, more often”.

A handout picture taken on September 15, 2017 and provided by Adidas shows the official match ball for the 2018 World Cup football tournament, named “Telstar 18”, on the field of the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow. / AFP PHOTO / Adidas / Arsen GALSTYAN / RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE – MANDATORY CREDIT “AFP PHOTO / Adidas / Arsen Galstyan” – NO MARKETING NO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS – DISTRIBUTED AS A SERVICE TO CLIENTSApparently, they’ll be busy raking in the dough from all the advertising that FLOW has allowed them to show on the TVJ 24-Hour FIFA World Cup Channel, to quote General manager of TVJ, Claire Grant: “Importantly, in this deal, our committed advertisers in the 2018 FIFA World Cup will also see their commercials appearing in on this new channel on Flow’s platform just as they will see on TVJ and TVJSN. Further, we look forward to working with all our sponsors, including Flow, to execute several specialty activities throughout the period that will make the event even more memorable”.

So the greatest advertising show in Jamaica and possibly the rest of the world?

Hopefully Jamaica doesn’t experience any power outages and FLOW’s internet services doesn’t collapse from all those Television sets and AC’s running as Jamaicans stop to watch the match during the Dog Days…..and nights…. of Summer.

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