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Trust is completely free — and yet at the same time, it’s the thing for which you must work the hardest. Once you have it, it’s the most priceless thing you’ll ever own. Trust is measured by how we behave toward each other. Trust is the most powerful tool in the world but it is also the least exploited. TrustSearch is here to fix this!

The effects of fraud
Scams can be extremely lucrative. According to the Consumer Sentinel network, 1 in 5 people lost money because of Imposter Scams in 2018. Young people from 20 to 29 years are the most affected, representing 40% of victims, since they are the biggest users of the internet.
With identity fraud at record highs according to recent numbers from Javelin strategy, shared economy businesses that fail to establish methods to verify the identity of their users could face challenges of their own.

“Fraud affects users, sellers and platform reputation without distinction”

One of the key strengths of the shared economy business model is its ability to generate value, to both customer and business, at a relatively low cost. Ratings and reviews are a step in the right direction towards building trust, but with the rise of chatbots and fake reviews these risk being as questionable as the underlying unidentified user. In fact, a recent report by Experian showed that consumers actually like protocols when they interact online as it makes them feel protected.
“Trust is a key battle ground.”

The Essential Importance Of Trust
There are just a few elemental forces that hold our world together. The one that’s the glue of society is called trust. Its presence cements relationships by allowing people to live and work together and feel safe.
“A world where trust is at the heart of the relationship allows unlimited opportunities.”
Trust takes a long time to build and retaining it requires transparent and consistent effort. High levels of trust create mutually beneficial extraordinary relationships where each person wants to do their best for the other.
What is TrustSearch?

The current search engine paradigm is highly stratified — consumers and businesses alike possess no control over the business reputation information presented to them via contemporary search engines.
The goal of the TrustSearch platform is to aggregate and verify information, creating reliable e-reputations and digital identities that allow users to have more trust online. TrustSearch increases global digital cooperation for unlimited uses.
TrustSearch provides consumers with the ability to search for and assess the reputation of merchants across multiple online marketplaces.
TrustUnion believes that search engine data should be transparent, community oriented, and relevant, and should belong to users themselves — not big data companies.
“Take control of your e-trust and increase it”
TrustSearch provides the following features:
Data sovereignty: TrustSearch allows users to control their data and determine what information is available to the public.
Digital takeover: TrustSearch allows users to regain control of their online trust, and increase it.
Guaranteed privacy: TrustSearch doesn’t share search data with big data companies — ever. TrustSearch won’t sell user data or make it available to data aggregation companies for a fee.
Ethical: User and business data is private and managed with a philosophy of frugal and transparent distribution.
Neutrality: TrustSearch provides results in a neutral, unbiased manner.
Relevant: TrustSearch is focused on providing users with tightly-focused information on the reputability and trustworthiness of merchants and businesses.
Community: TrustSearch results data is enhanced by the users it belongs to and those who make use of it. Trusted users will have more permission to create and confirm information, resulting in a better network.
Ease of use: TrustSearch registration and utilisation is simple and user friendly, with a no-friction interface and fast “one click” solutions for everything.

The Philosophy Behind TrustSearch

TrustSearch is designed with the philosophy of empowering and providing privacy to users. Rather than simply providing private search functionality, TrustSearch allows users to regain power over the search results that are presented to them.
The current search engine ecosystem is dominated by Google. Countless search engine platforms have launched and failed in direct competition with Google in the 21 years since it launched. TrustSearch doesn’t compete directly with Google — instead, TrustSearch functions as a complementary, totally autonomous tool.
”Trusting is hard. Knowing who to trust, even harder.”
TrustSearch provides three separate feature sets, designed for users and merchants:
⏩ Users are able to use TrustSearch to perform due diligence assessments of a merchant before purchasing, thanks to an easy-to-understand TrustScore. The TrustScore provides all available information regarding an online seller or service provider in a single click.
⏩ Merchants are able to use TrustSearch to centralize all of the data that is available regarding their business, including reviews, evaluations, and other due diligence data. By centralizing this data, TrustSearch places it under the control of merchants and thereby maximizes confidence rates and conversion.
⏩ The wider marketplace has the ability to grant new users immediate access to services, without them having to fill out their information, based on their established trust rating. It also benefits from having more trusted sellers, thereby offering more choice to users. Platforms that support victims of fraud and bear the financial burden, or pay the price of insurance premiums, can offer their service at the best price by having trusted users. And platforms that have a notorious lack of security or surveillance get the chance to establish an element of trust and protect themselves from becoming a hub for criminals online.

How TrustSearch Gives You Back The Power & Why It’s Better

For who ?
TrustSearch is open to all. TrustSearch allows merchants to take control of their online reputation. Consumers use TrustSearch to find the most reputable, trustworthy merchant. Both merchants and users are able to take control over personal, professional, and publicly-posted information. TrustSearch lets you take control of your e-trust — and increase it.
How it works ?
TrustSearch profiles function as mini-websites that are controlled by the owner of the data presented in the profile. This data is updated automatically and is instantly referenced in order to secure a strong position on all existing search engines.
TrustSearch is not a search engine — it’s a result aggregator that collects and presents data from social networks, sales platforms, and the sharing economy.
TrustSearch allows users to connect their existing social networks in a single click, as well as authority platforms that have already verified their information.
”Do not trust words. Trust the acts.”
TrustSearch delivers strong digital trust through the aggregation and multiplication of sources and their own verification system. TrustSearch will operate from the center of the sharing economy — aggregating data, creating bridges, and establishing a nexus of trust. The ultimate goal of TrustSearch is to create a trustable digital identity which, for the first time, belongs totally to the user.
Using revolutionary algorithms, TrustSearch delivers more relevant, better-organized results and restores control over e-reputation information for users, sellers and platform reputation..

How Does TrustSearch Integrate into TrustScore?

TrustSearch integrates with the TrustUnion TrustScore, presenting key trust information to users in an easy-to-understand format.
“Trust, but verify.” -Ronald Reagan
TrustSearch impacts the algorithm used to judge the weight of a TrustScore. To form the overall TrustScore, each existing rating associated with a user is weighted according to the quality and authority of the organization providing the rating. For example, some social networks and online marketplaces already have thorough quality checks in place to identify false accounts and verify reviews. Trust ratings from these organizations will be given a higher weighting than from those which do nothing to combat fraudulent activity. Similarly, ratings from organizations who already have a high TrustScore themselves will be given more weight.

TrustSearch is Streamlining Trust Assessment

TrustSearch is the central element of the TrustUnion meta-project ecosystem. TrustUnion functions as a bridge between the traditional economy and the new sharing economy. Relationships between participants in the sharing economy are based on trust — TrustSearch makes these relationships visible and easy to understand at a glance.
TrustSearch is an intuitive method of rapidly capturing a global overview of all necessary information on any given merchant, as well as trust evaluations that can be used to make a confident decision quickly.
“Trust does not exclude control”
As the TrustUnion ecosystem develops, the TrustUnion passport will integrate with TrustSearch, allowing users to connect to online services without needing to fill out or provide personal information for each individual platform.

The TrustUnion Business Model & Data Privacy

TrustUnion operates TrustSearch with explicitly defined restrictions. The TrustSearch business model is not to sell our user data to ensure a third neutral party. Similarly, the TrustSearch business model is not to sell advertising within search engine results.
TrustUnion is transparent and ethical.
The TrustUnion business model is B2B oriented. Rather than focus on selling advertisements in the B2C market, TrustUnion works with and takes fees from official partners. TrustUnion only works with partners that propose B2B services that cover the needs of registered TrustUnion users.
TrustUnion is dedicated to helping users build the trust around their businesses, growing their enterprise by providing B2B services that streamline existing business processes and provide new organic leads.
“Trust each other again and again… When the trust level gets high enough, people transcend apparent limits, discovering new and awesome abilities of which they were previously unaware. Both parties make decisions and choices based on what is right, what is best, what is valued most highly.”

TrustSearch: Here Trust Becomes an Opportunity!

With a verified TrustScore it is very easy to offer reliable business services to help with business development.
Individuals, influencers, entrepreneurs, professionals and companies which put trust in the heart of their existence and which claim a high digital TrustScore will have a very interesting profile and will be able to access a multitude of opportunities compared to others who do not have a TrustScore.
The ecosystem and the many partners of TrustSearch will be able to offer global services to users with more advantages according to their TrustScore.
With TrustSearch, trust becomes an identifiable and valuable commodity that opens the door to unlimited opportunities.

Where Trust become an opportunities!

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