Triple Town – Addictive Puzzle Game by Spry Fox

Triple Town is a fairly new and very addictive puzzle game by Spry Fox. Players try to build a city by  matching 3 or more similar objects to form more complex objects such as matching 3 bushes to create a tree, 3 churches to a cathedral and 3 houses to make mansion. Mix in other elements like regular bears, ninja bears, crystals and imperial bots and you have a causal game that is easy to pick up and play but provides a challenge to puzzle gaming buffs.

The bigger your city becomes the more it comes to life with inhabitants that spawn from buildings and interact with each other. The highest score I have managed so far (without purchasing coins with real money) is a paltry 91,685 which is nothing compared to the scores I have seen floating around.

Triple Town is in open beta and is playable on Facebook, Google+ and the Amazon Kindle.

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