Tools Of The Online Gamer: Hamachi

As gaming has evolved over the generations several aspects have changed, no longer are gamers confined to just their homes or arcades and limited only to playing with or against one or two individuals usually maxing out at four gamers total and usually limited to those individuals being right next to each other. The gaming realm has evolved and as such methods, means and habits have changed ever since the integration of networking and video games the gaming scene has never been the same, especially the PC Gaming scene. If your game does not offer/support some sort of network connectivity whether locally or globally it automatically loses a share of the gaming market. I know some PC gamers who wouldn’t even consider playing much less purchasing any game that does not boast some sort of networking component usually but not limited to an online one.

LAN Emulation with Hamachi

In the gaming world connectivity has become vital but unfortunately some games do not support a robust online option if any at all and thus the alternative is usually LAN (Local Area Network) parties where a group of gamers can come together and connect over a LAN and play together or against each other but that limits one to being in the same geographical structure/location as ones fellow gamers which can become an issue especially if one has to travel great distances to participate in LAN parties and this is where programs like “Hammachi” step in. A program which is able to create/emulate a virtual network and thus allows individuals from remote locations to connect via the internet with each other as if they were on a LAN connection and thus allows them to play games under this emulated environment/connection. Of course this is more a matter of convenience more of an option for friends & associates to still be able to game together and is no way on the level to compete with Pro LAN parties.

No Internet but LAN support

So for all those who may have become accustomed to going to their local LAN parties or just use to creating their own LAN to game with friends and for which ever reason they are no longer in the same geographical area or if one has some games usually some of the oldie but goodie titles that either don’t facilitate internet gaming but does support LAN or the internet feature is just limited to 1-2 individuals when you would prefer to game with 1-8 if not more individuals who you know, then a program like “Hamachi” i a good alternative.

Similar to a physical network “Hamachi” is also affected by the amount of load which is placed on the network & thus depending on how many individuals you are planning to facilitate you should factor in your internet connection because whoever has the role of the game host, their computer & internet connection will be basically the backbone of the virtual network so the faster your internet connection,  I was informed especially your upload speed will contribute to the overall performance of your “Hamachi” network.

Where to Get Hamachi

Hamachi is available as a free download or a purchased product the performance of both products are relatively the same but the paid version offers more features and flexibility.  I was also told about a similar program by the name of “Wippien” I think that one was a bit more complicated though here are links to both of them:

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