Remove Blingback Tunes, Riddles of the Day and Spin and Win from FLOW phones

If you live in the Caribbean, you may have been subscribed to one of FLOW’s money-making 444 services: CRBT (Caller Ringback Tune) or Blingback Tunes Riddles of the Day Spin and Win This may differ from country to country in the Caribbean, but one thing is sure; removing them is a hassle. Worse, you’re being […]

Samsung Galaxy Studios – Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy 8

Among the Galaxy Studios’ highlights include experiences surrounding the Galaxy S8 and S8+. Many visitors have particularly enjoyed the Liquid Canvas experience, in which their selfie is recreated underwater in ink, oil or liquid dye as the Galaxy S8 is moved over a ‘Liquid Canvas.’ The activity also showcases the benefits of the phone’s IP68 […]

AIS PAS-MD allows Doctors and Patients to communicate through Telemedicine

“We are always looking for ways to continuously improve systems and procedures using technology. As a consequence we have some of the best in the world. We keep changing with the technology and ensure that our systems are always up to date with the latest requirements”. Chairman and CEO of Advanced Integrated Systems Doug Halsall […]

Data held hostage!!

Gone are the days where diamond, gold and precious metals and stones were high in the value chain now information and data is king a of that value chain. At the launch of Facebook’s IPO the company was valued at 104 billion USD majority of that valuation was due to the amount of users and […]

Reference: Expensive accounting software may be replaced with open source alternatives.

Tertiary Institutions in Jamaica should use more Open Source

Hi, welcome to another post in the series where I’m preaching the gospel of Open Source Software (OSS) to my fellow Jamaicans and today the focus is on Tertiary education. Tertiary institutions across the globe have been utilising Open Source to drive research and innovation. I believe that our local tertiary institutions should follow suit […]

#Switchtoflow promo gives you a Huawei Y3 Lite smartphone as Champs beckons

Do you still have an active Digicel phone? Now would be a great time to port across to FLOW Jamaica and get a Huawei Y3 Lite for only $3,000+GCT plus a SIM card….like the @FLOWjamaica tweets says: Get the Huawei Y3 Lite for only $3,000+GCT plus a SIM card loaded with value when you #SwitchToFlow! […]

SMBE – Running on Open Source Software

Welcome to another post in the series, where I’ll be expressing my views on open source technology and the benefits to Jamaica. This is the second write-up and I’ll be showing how open source software benefits the business sector. If you missed the first post please feel free to catch up. The economics and social benefits […]