The New Wave Of Wireless Speakers

Gone are the days when your speakers had a mess of wires connecting them to a stereo system or CD/DVD player. Similarly, gone are the days when you needed to play your music directly from CDs. These days, you rarely buy CDs, because music is bought or downloaded in digital format, and stored directly on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, music players, mobile phones and other portable devices. With this technological shift has emerged a new type of speaker – wireless speakers that can use bluetooth or any wi-fi network to stream music directly from a plethora of storage devices (including the ones named above).

Panasonic SC-HC57

From wireless speakers in lightbulbs, to those that pack a powerful punch but can fit in the palm of your hand (e.g. the Jawbone Jambox), to water-resistant models that you can take to the shower, speakers have truly evolved. Always a ‘game changer’, technology giant, Apple, introduced its AirPlay technology in 2010, allowing you to wirelessly stream music (from your iPad, iPod and other compatible devices) throughout a location (house, office etc.) through seamless integration with speaker docks, AV receivers, and stereo systems. AirPlay has literally changed the game in the world of speakers, and many AirPlay-compatible wireless speakers have been hitting the market since 2011.

Here are a few wireless speakers that hit the market in 2012, and which utilize Apple’s AirPlay technology:

  • Panasonic SC-HC57 Compact Stereo System with AirPlay
  • The CeraAIR Two
  • Logitech’s UE Air Speaker
  • iHome’s iW2 Wireless Speaker System with AirPlay
  • Philips Fidelio SoundCurve DS8800W
  • Klipsch G-17 Air AirPlay Speakers
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