The Jamaica Gleaner now has Cloud Based Games on its website

Panem et circenses  (Bread and Circus Games)

Juvenal, Satires, X

It appears that The Jamaica Gleaner has finally decided to get its game head on as it’s slowly fading out of the Media Game. The Jamaica Gleaner apparently is getting into Games in modest way, launching Cloud Gaming Flash-based versions of popular The Jamaica Gleaner Newspaper Games, namely:

The Games are fairly simple and involving, especially the Crossword, which I use to play a lot in the past. The rest are also equally intriguing, albeit I’d prefer more Jamaican Trivia Questions than Americans ones, as I could barely last a minute in Trivia. Sudoku great and so is Jumble, just like in the newspaper.

I especially love the fact that both the Crossword and the Sudoku turns the letters or numbers red whenever you’ve entered an incorrect digit and Jumble has a timed hint feature that pop in letters and awards decreasing points every time you use it. Even nicer too is that the Games have Audio Feedback and jingly tunes, making it a fully immersive earbud experience for your ears. So basic yet so clever!

Now that there’s a Cloud Based version, this may be more of a reason for me to stay on The Gleaner Website. Possibly this may be a push towards Cloud Gaming, with other Games coming in the pipeline. More importantly, this may also be a push towards other Games aside from those that come in the traditional Newspaper coming on stream as The Jamaica Gleaner tries to attract readers to prop ups its sagging bottom line.

Gleaner puzzles jumble

Who knows, maybe the Newspaper of the future won’t even be made of paper, but merely another App on your Tablet or smartphone as the Tablet and smartphone Revolution is poised to get going in Jamaica as surmised in The Two Towers of Tablets, 7” Amazon Kindle Fire and 7.9” Apple iPad are the Global Tablet size of Choice. Maybe they’d become like us here at Geezam – completely Cloud Based 21st Century Newspaper.

So there you have it folks!

One more thing aside from Solitaire on your computer to while away the time inbetween incomplete Work projects and more reason to read the newspaper online via a PC or on a Tablet or smartphone. I just wish that when they decided to go Tablets, they’d put the Classifieds online with a subscription, as aside from saving money on printing Newspapers, they’d also drive more traffic to their Website and thus garner more advertising revenue.

In the meantime there’s Bread and Circus Games….

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