The iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will not have a home button

Editor’s Note: This article was sent in by our newest author Gladstone Taylor the first week of July. For some strange reason Gmail’s spam filters nuked it and never showed up in my inbox and went unnoticed in the spam abyss until earlier this morning when Taylor brought it to my attention after seeing similar articles on other tech blogs. This is unfortunate as articles like this are exactly whey was started so that it could offer insight and experiences from real tech enthusiast and consumers with first hand experience using products and services. Better late that never but I just thought it was worth pointing out that Taylor and by extension Geezam was probably one of the first blogs to predict this development – Kelroy Brown Editor-in-Chief –

The iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will not have a home button

I’m a lazy geek so typically I’m one of the last persons to upgrade my devices. I care more for if it works than for it to be bleeding edge. Anyway last night I decided it is time for me to upgrade my iPad from 4.2.1 to 4.3.3. Main reason behind the upgrade was so I could get the new multi touch gestures n feel those out.

Say Goodbye to the home button

After installing I realized there was no gestures to enable in the settings so I got that sorted out through a singe oars theme exploit. It’s a really quick and dirty exploit , easy as pie. Anyway that’s just the prelude to get me to what I realized after 5 minutes of messing with the gestures. What purpose does the home button on my iPad serve now?

No more double tap home button for multi processing layer. I don’t need to press the home button to get back to the home screen anymore either. I think the home button only purpose is now for soft resetting and dfu / boot loader mode.

With all that’s happening with iOS I don’t see a future in the life of the iPad

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  • Joe

    If you mean the iPad as it is today will no longer be around, then I agree. It will morph as the Mac OS X, the iOS AND Apple hardware converge. It’s very exciting to see Apple drive technology in a direction we tough only possible in movies (see: Minority Report).
    As we continue to migrate away from clunky laptops, more and more technology, along with services will be made available to mobile devices (smart phones, tablet devices). We are eager and accepting of this shift as almost all current laptop users polled, said their next “computer” will be a tablet and NOT a laptop.

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