Youtube gets another layout and feature tweak

You may or may not remember Youtube’s design and layout revamp exactly one year ago after doing its successful cosmic panda experiment. Recently Google has tweaked the layout of Youtube further to allow users to interact with video more easily as well as subscribing to, sharing and providing feedback on videos they watch. You come to YouTube to watch […]

Try out a new YouTube layout by joining their Cosmic Panda experiment

YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet and allows users to upload, share and view videos for free. Test Tube is a side project conducted by YouTube in order to get user feedback on their latest project developments before they are incorporated into the general website if any at all. The latest […]

“Refixing” Humorous Jamaican News clips big hit on Youtube

The rise of the internet and most importantly social websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube in Jamaica has seemingly accelerated in recent months. The internet is becoming more accessible to more and more Jamaicans through cheaper home rates, work places, school, community centers and increasingly sophisticated smartphones and gadgets. I have been following the rapid expansion of internet users and a new craze has […]

YouTube Turns Five – Video and Infographic

Youtube is one of the most popular websites on the internet and offers visitors the opportunity to watch, upload and share videos on the internet. It is reported that over 24 hours of video is uploaded to Youtube every minute and Youtube recently recorded over 2 billion (yes that’s with nine zeros) video views in one day.

Youtube is celebration it’s five year anniversary and Youtube users can upload a video explaining how Youtube has impacted their lives. Youtube catapulted unto the interwebs in April 2005 and was an instant hit. Eyes where raised when Google acquired the year old start-up in November 2006 for a reported $1.65 billion. Five-year anniversary video embedded below as well as an info-graphic showing information about Youtube and it’s achievements in it’s first five years of existence. Can you imagine what the next five years will be like for Youtube? Read more about YouTube Turns Five – Video and Infographic