5G Networks with Renewable Energy, Fiber Optic Waveguides and AI

Even as Digicel has launched 4G LTE branded as Digicel LTE as per my ditty How to Activate a Digicel LTE Smart Plan on your Smartphone, Telecom Provider around the world are preparing for the coming of 5G by 2020. There are no standards for what qualifies as 5G, only a Roadmap from the ITU […]

Digicel Wimax: One Year After Launch

It is just a year ago that Digicel’s Wimax erupted onto the local broadband market with the aim of revolutionising and completely remodelling Jamaica’s broadband service. After routing the telecoms juggernaut Claro in the christmas battle a year before, Digicel had re-equipped it’s forces and turned its attention to Jamaica’s decrepit internet system. The company, […]

Digicel Jamaica Wimax Review Part 2

This is the second part of a 2 part review of the recently launched Digicel Jamaica Wimax service. Part one of there review can be viewed by clicking here. Part one explained Wimax technology as well as giving an overview of the two types of modems that customers of the Digicel Wimax service will use to access the network including installation. In part two I will be covering the following areas:

  1. Subscribing and Account Management
  2. Speed and General Performance
  3. Pricing and Conclusion

Subscribing and Account Management

To start using the service you will need a modem which can be bought at select Digicel outlets as of this writing. Get the CPE modem if your are someone looking for a more fixed solution with the ability to connect multiple laptops and PCs to one connection, get the USB modem if you desire mobility and the ease of setting up. One thing to note however is that if you are living in far rural areas the CPE should be a clear choice because it has a larger antenna surface area which allows it to work in dead spots like where I am living. Read more about Digicel Jamaica Wimax Review Part 2

Digicel Jamaica Wimax Review – Part 1

Digicel’s long anticipated WIMAX 4G has finally gone live after months of testing and fine tuning the network for optimum performance. The service is set to rival LIME’s broadband ADSL, mobile 3G connectivity being offered by Claro and LIME and the newcomer Dekal Wireless with their wireless broadband based on Wifi. As you can see WIMAX (World Interoperability for Microwave Access) has a lot of competitors offering increasingly better rates and speeds to consumers in Jamaica, so it has a lot of ground to make up in the first few months of it’s incarnation. How does Digicel’s WIMAX stand up to these rival services? In Part 1 of this Digicel Jamaica Wimax Review I will be covering 2 main areas.

  1. WIMAX: The Technology
  2. Hardware Overview

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WIMAX: The Technology

Wimax is an IEEE standard for broadband distribution commonly referred to as 802.16. Wimax is sometimes confused with Wifi since they are both based on the same 802. Open standard, however they are different both in the way they operates and the hardware involved. The first technology officially branded Wimax was 802.16d-2004 which offered last mile broadband access in places where broadband cables are difficult to set up. Wimax was further improved with 802.16e-2005 which added improved security performance, greater bandwidth and improved latency and spectral efficiency. 802.16e was also the first Wimax iteration to gain true mobility with the decrease in antenna and chip size caused by the overall improvement of the standard. Wimax 802.16e has a maximum speed output of 75mbps under ideal conditions, this bandwidth is diced according to load or according to the ways in which it will be used. Mobile wimax 802.16e has enabled mobile phones, laptops and netbooks to have high speed broadband access on the go, a feat that the older standard could not match. Read more about Digicel Jamaica Wimax Review – Part 1